Greenvity Launches Hybrid Mesh Technology for IoT Applications in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Greenvity Launches Hybrid Mesh Technology for IoT Applications in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Mixed-medium wireless and powerline-communication mesh networking technology provides reliable, always-connected link for smart lighting, safety and security markets.

Greenvity Communications, a pioneer in Internet of Things (IoT) turnkey solutions for smart LED, home/building automation and security, announces Hybrid Mesh™, an innovative and unique mesh networking technology that provides a highly reliable communications link for commercial building and industrial applications. Greenvity’s patented Hybrid Mesh technology on a single chip utilizes mixed-medium IEEE 802.15.4 wireless and wide-band powerline communication (PLC), enabling always-connected links that penetrate concrete walls, extend range and cover entire buildings.

The first technology of its kind in the industry, Hybrid Mesh is the mixed-medium operation and algorithm between wireless and PLC that supports multiple hops for range extension, bridging and self-healing. To date, standard methods of mesh networking have been wireless only, or single medium, presenting a challenge when concrete walls degrade wireless signals and inhibit communication throughout the building. Greenvity’s Hybrid Mesh is uniquely advantageous for commercial building automation, smart lighting, security, safety and industrial IoT applications that require reliable and always-connected links between the gateway and nodes, as well as long range and the ability to go through walls and obstacles.

Hung Nguyen, CEO of Greenvity, said:

“Lighting and security applications require a higher level of link reliability than other IoT products and the communication between these devices needs to be virtually always-connected.”

“Greenvity is bringing innovation to the market with our products based on Hybrid Mesh technology, which is the most practical, cost-effective communication method to ensure a highly reliable link between IoT devices for commercial and industrial buildings.”

Combining the best of both wireless and PLC, Greenvity modules with Hybrid Mesh networking rely on an algorithm to make dynamic decisions on whether powerline or wireless is the better medium in the current environment. Each node repeats the same data to the next node – selecting PLC when wireless strength is weak, and choosing wireless when the PLC signal is degraded due to circuit breakers or noise.

Greenvity Hybrid Mesh modules

The first Greenvity modules with Hybrid Mesh operation are the GV7011-MOD for commercial and industrial applications, and the GV-LED-11 smart LED controller and general IoT controller. Available now, both modules are powered by Greenvity’s GV7011 Hybrii-XL single chip with integrated Hybrid Mesh. The GV7011-MOD can be used in air conditioners, heaters, appliances, solar inverters, energy management and home/building security. The GV-LED-11 enables on, off, dimming and color tuning that can control all LED and non-LED lights in the market.

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