PI System Reaches Billion IIoT Data Streams

PI System Reaches Billion IIoT Data Streams

OSIsoft customers have now licensed over 1 billion streams of sensor data across 125 countries and 17,000 industrial sites.

OSIsoft, a global leader enabling operational intelligence, announced that its flagship product, the PI System, has reached a significant milestone. Customers are using over 1 billion streams of sensor-based data to connect people and machines with visualization and analytics tools to deliver data driven insights for process productivity, asset health, energy efficiency, quality tracking, regulatory reporting and safety & security.

OSIsoft introduced the PI System over 30 years ago, before the term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was coined, and shares over 1100 case studies that illustrates how companies have benefited from rich sensor data streams. Today over 65% of the Fortune 500 Industrial companies from Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, Pulp & Paper, to Data Centers are leveraging data from IoT to drive business and operational decisions. The PI System provides over 450 integrations to sensors, systems and analytics tools, with customer deployments ranging from a single site to hundreds of sites, from a few hundred sensors to millions of data streams in a single deployment, and at read rates ranging from a few times a day to tens of milliseconds per measurement.

“The promise of connected machines and devices, in other words, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will drive more data, in more formats, in more locations – adding to the complexity of industrial data ecosystems,” said Martin Otterson, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Industry at OSIsoft.

“Companies wanting to embrace smart supply and smart manufacturing through availability of lower cost sensor data and improved connectivity need to strategize on the data infrastructure that will ensure data is reliably captured and presented to the right tools for impactful decisions”.

The PI System is an open enterprise data infrastructure that enables global enterprises to gather streaming real-time sensor data from multiple sources, and efficiently store, contextualize, process and share data for advanced visualization and analytics. For software and machine vendors, the PI System offers a mature platform to extend products to support and embrace IIoT. The PI System eliminates silos of information to deliver a single point of consistent and contextual historical, real-time and predicted information to facilitate data-driven decisions across industrial operations.

With the advent of low cost advanced sensor technologies and improved secure network connectivity, new business models are being enabled that allow data sharing across enterprises. OSIsoft is a leader in the Connected Services market, which allows OEMs and after-market service providers to remotely monitor assets and processes, enabling data-driven real-time optimization by the experts. This transformative business model has the potential to expose new customer interactions, services and revenue.

Marine organismes monitor the effect of the total water ambient
Marine organismes monitor the effect of the total water ambient
OSIsoft’s data infrastructure technology is also finding applications in new markets beyond the traditional processing industries, including Transportation (rail, vessels, vehicles, etc.), Discrete Manufacturing (food & beverage, high tech, automotive, etc.), Federal (facilities, energy monitoring, logistics, etc.) and Higher Education (novel applications). One example of an innovative use with bio-sensors is OSIsoft customer Biota Guard’s real-time environmental monitoring system for offshore drilling and production operations.

“Biota Guard has chosen OSIsoft’s PI System to make sure we have the leading system in data mining, visualization and IT security,” said Bjørnar Lingjerde, Chief Technology Officer at Biota Guard. “The PI System covers almost all aspects in our daily data flow process which makes our operations easy to manage. Several of our biggest customers already use the PI System which makes the job easier both when selling our products and during installation.”

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