SIGFOX Adopts Eutelsat ‘SmartLNB’ Satellite Technology for Internet of Things Network Infrastructure

SIGFOX Adopts Eutelsat ‘SmartLNB’ Satellite Technology for Internet of Things Network Infrastructure

“SmartLNB” to contribute to enhanced service levels for SIGFOX.

SIGFOX, the leading specialist in M2M and IoT connectivity, today announced it will deploy satellite technology developed by Eutelsat Communications to further enhance service levels on its infrastructure.

SIGFOX provides a pioneering subscription-based communications service for connecting Internet of Things devices wirelessly to the Internet. The service complements existing connectivity solutions by focusing on small message exchanges which allow years-to-decades of device battery life and significantly lower communications costs. SIGFOX’s unique Internet of Things communications offer is based on a network infrastructure being rolled out worldwide, using base stations that communicate over IP with the SIGFOX Cloud(tm).

SIGFOX has selected to integrate the ‘SmartLNB’, an innovative low bitrate, low-power satellite technology developed by Eutelsat into its infrastructure, as one of the solutions to enable base stations to exchange data. As a satellite-based device, the ‘SmartLNB’ also offers the benefits of simple installation, guaranteed bandwidth and ubiquitous coverage.

Eutelsat’s ‘SmartLNB’ is an original, low-cost device ideally suited for low bitrate applications. It embeds state-of-the-art technology to create a bridge between satellite and IP worlds, and is positioned as a product of choice for smart energy, connected home and other monitoring and control applications for IoT and M2M markets.

“Our customers run business critical applications on our network and we therefore use high availability solutions throughout our infrastructure to ensure that our network continues to function in all events,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, SIGFOX executive vice president of networks and operators.

“We have selected Eutelsat’s ‘SmartLNB’ solution for base station backhaul connectivity because of its very high reliability and ubiquitous coverage. This solution also simplifies the selection of base station sites while lowering operating costs.”

Antonio Arcidiacono, Director of Innovation at Eutelsat, said:
“This new collaboration between Eutelsat and SIGFOX provides a solid wireless platform for IoT and M2M communications and meets SIGFOX’s requirements for fast deployment, ubiquitous coverage, low-power and reliability. We are delighted to strike this new agreement and to see satellite technology play its natural role in the significant IoT market.”

SIGFOX has identified the USA as its first target market to rely on the ‘SmartLNB’ network and will use the EUTELSAT 113 West A satellite to ensure full North American coverage. Eutelsat’s global satellite fleet also opens the opportunity for extensions to other regions of the world.

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