Monnit Announces Partnership with Devicify

Monnit Announces Partnership with Devicify

Connecting Industry Leading Internet of Things Sensors with Leading IoT Management Suite for the Salesforce Platform.

Monnit Corporation, a leading provider of wireless sensing and monitoring solutions, today announced a partnership with Devicify, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) management application on the Salesforce™ platform, with the joint solution on display at Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco, CA.

Devicify Connected Products Management™ is an IoT management suite designed to enable businesses to plan, design, deploy, manage and monetize connected products. With Devicify CPM, companies can connect Monnit sensors and iMonnit™ to their business applications and leverage the power of the Internet of Things to manage and control deployed assets across, and through, business processes.

Scott Johnson, CEO of Devicify, said:

“Devicify is excited to announce both our partnership with Monnit and the introduction of iMonnit-specific communication method within the IoT Management suite, Devicify CPM.”

“This reinforces Devicify’s ability to make the IoT easy – especially when connecting Monnit sensors with Devicify CPM is as easy as selecting the iMonnit communication type.”

Monnit wireless sensors monitor various functions critical to business operation, including temperature, humidity, access, motion, water, light, voltage, vibration and much more. The sensors connect to the iMonnit online monitoring system via gateways designed to work with Devicify CPM. Devicify customers now have access to a complete wireless sensing and monitoring solution, designed to increase productivity and maintain business operations, helping to ensure operational efficiency while increasing on-the-job safety.

“Monnit is thrilled about our partnership with Devicify. Our goal at Monnit has always been to make the Internet of Things accessible for all businesses, large and small,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit Corporation. “This collaboration brings low-cost IoT solutions to businesses by connecting Monnit’s wireless sensors with one of the most widely used and trusted business software platforms, through Devicify CPM.”

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