PrismTech Launches its Vortex Innovator Program to Lower Market Entry Barrier for Internet of Things Startups

PrismTech Launches its Vortex Innovator Program to Lower Market Entry Barrier for Internet of Things Startups

Program will provide free access to the most advanced IoT data sharing platform for qualifying companies.

PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced the launch of its Vortex™ Innovator Program making it easy for small Internet of Things (IoT) startup companies to access its award winning data sharing platform, Vortex.

The purpose of the Vortex Innovator Program is to make Vortex available to IoT startups or very small companies who may not initially be in a position to fund their up-front license or subscription development costs. For qualifying companies PrismTech will license Vortex software free of charge.

Lawrence Ross, CEO PrismTech, said:

“To create successful IoT products and services, companies need access to the latest and best IoT software enabling technologies.”

“We recognize that for new startups or small companies this can sometimes be expensive. The Vortex Innovator Program provides a great way for small companies to access our technology with no upfront costs.”

Vortex is based on the OMG™’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) open standard and builds on proven technologies to provide an efficient solution for device-to-device, device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud Internet scale real-time data sharing. It is a crucial enabler for systems that have to reliably and securely deliver high volumes of data with stringent end-to-end qualities-of-service (QoS) facilitating its ability to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.

Vortex helps system integrators, OEMs, device vendors and cloud service providers deliver high-performance IoT system solutions for many vertical markets, including smart cities and urban environments, smart grid and energy, transportation, healthcare, IT & networks, and industrial automation.

The Vortex platform includes Vortex Café for mobile phones and tablets, Vortex Lite for sensors and embedded network edge platforms, Vortex Cloud for cloud services, Vortex Web for browsers, Vortex OpenSplice™ for enterprise platforms and Vortex Gateway for integration with other IoT protocols.

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