PTC and Bosch Software Innovations Announce Alliance to Deliver Industrial IoT Solutions

PTC and Bosch Software Innovations Announce Alliance to Deliver Industrial IoT Solutions

ThingWorx and Bosch IoT Suite technology stack enables integration of smart, connected products with cross-sector enterprise processes.

PTC® and Bosch Software Innovations today announced a technology alliance to facilitate the integration of the ThingWorx® Platform and the Bosch IoT Suite. The new Bosch IoT Suite M2M Connector for ThingWorx allows for technical interplay between the two platforms and is now available on the ThingWorx Marketplace. The technology stack enables IoT developers to connect and control heterogeneous devices and systems, cost-effectively and rapidly develop IoT applications for complex IT landscapes, and easily and quickly adjust IoT solutions to the specific needs of individual companies and sectors.

PTC and Bosch Software Innovations successfully tested the integrated technology stack in the Industrial Internet Consortium Track & Trace Testbed by wirelessly connecting tightening tools to operate seamlessly together on the factory floor. The Track & Trace application permits the monitoring of the status of all devices on the fly. The data collected is used to optimize production processes and tool maintenance. Irregularities or impending failures are detected immediately and the faulty device can be replaced before downtime can occur.

The Track & Trace Testbed provides an excellent example of complex production landscapes such as those in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical and plant engineering sectors, which are made up of heterogeneous machines, devices and process landscapes that must be adjusted to work together. When combined, the ThingWorx and Bosch Software Innovations technology provides IoT developers the exact flexibility needed for connecting heterogeneous equipment and enterprise processes.

In contrast to the two traditional options – standard software and individual development – the joint technology offering is precise and cost effective. The Device Management component (M2M) from the Bosch IoT Suite provides a reliable connection and control of devices, while operating a secure, flexible and transparent infrastructure for distributed devices. Vorto, an open source tool initiated by Bosch Software Innovations and developed by Eclipse IoT, enables the creation and management of information models for integration into different platforms. The ThingWorx® IoT application development platform enables rapid development of drag-and-drop business applications. A comprehensive security concept is designed to protect applications against unauthorized access.


Dr.-Ing. Rainer Kallenbach, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations:
“Building on the long-standing relationship between PTC and Bosch, this alliance has the potential to significantly lower the entry barrier for customers into the IoT.”

“This alliance combines deep know-how in Product and Service Lifecycle Management, leading IoT software products and in-depth experience connecting and managing heterogeneous asset landscapes. The heterogeneous environments we normally encounter in the IoT require a new, very open approach. The ideal foundation for this is the open Vorto standard for IoT interface definitions, backed by Eclipse, the leading Open Source community.”

Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC:
“Our alliance with Bosch Software Innovations is a perfect strategic fit for both companies. We have combined the world’s best technologies to redefine the way daily work gets done and send a strong signal to the market. It has never been so easy for companies to enter into the IoT business. This new technology stack will decisively influence and optimize business processes, even for companies with mature, complex environments.”

Rob Gremley, President Technology Platform Group, PTC:
“ThingWorx offers an easy-to-use interface with simple operating functions like drag-and-drop. This facilitates cross-departmental development of applications, even in complex environments, without the need for advanced IoT Engineers. Once the system and process complexity has been captured with the Bosch Software Innovations IoT platform, ThingWorx removes the last hurdle into the smart, connected world.”

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