VeriSilicon and NextG-Com Announce Joint Partnership for Developing Next Generation Cat-0/Cat-M Reference Platform

VeriSilicon and NextG-Com Announce Joint Partnership for Developing Next Generation Cat-0/Cat-M Reference Platform

VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. (VeriSilicon) and NextG-Com Limited (NextG-Com) today announced a joint partnership to develop next generation Cat-0/Cat-M reference platforms.

The joint partnership will incorporate physical layer technology running on VeriSilicon’s ZSPTM cores with NextG-Com’s ALPSLiteTM LTE Cat-0 protocol stack running on a host central processing unit (CPU).

NextG-Com is a market leader in providing cellular connectivity solutions for internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) applications. ALPSLite is the industry’s first 3GPP Cat-0 protocol stack specially designed for IoT applications. VeriSilicon is a Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaS™) company providing comprehensive semiconductor IP and custom silicon turnkey service for worldwide industry leading customers. VeriSilicon’s innovative ZSP technology strikes the perfect balance of performance, power and cost to meet the needs of IoT and M2M platforms.

LTE-enabled IoT is a significant market opportunity and strategic focus for NextG-Com. We have secured multiple design wins to-date for our ALPSLite protocol stack, but there is increasing demand for more complete solutions integrated with a physical layer,” said Denis Bidinost, Chief Executive Officer of NextG-Com.
“The strategic partnership with VeriSilicon is extremely important and highly complementary. Our ALPSLite protocol stack together with VeriSilicon’s physical layer and ZSP cores, completes the offering to target a number of IoT markets which require an integrated customized cellular connectivity solution.”

Dr. Wayne Dai, Chairman, President and CEO of VeriSilicon stated:
LTE Cat-0 and Cat-M connectivity are expected to be widely deployed for IoT and M2M applications. Since launch of our first generation ZSP family, scalable ZSP cores have been successfully adopted in diverse wireless terminals. We are pleased to collaborate with NextG-Com on these next generation, innovative IoT platforms.”

“A highly customisable and ultra lightweight protocol stack solution, integrated with our best-in-class DSP technology (ZSP) and optimal LTE PHY reference design, provides a complete and flexible LTE Cat-0/Cat-M platform for customers to meet the requirements of low cost, low power, large coverage and faster system integration in the IoT and M2M markets.”

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