Aeris More Than Triples Business Growth in EMEA in 2015

Aeris More Than Triples Business Growth in EMEA in 2015

Office in the heart of the Thames Valley strengthens European and global presence, building on unprecedented momentum.

Aeris, a pioneer and leader in the M2M and IoT market, today announced that it is in its third consecutive year of tripling business in the EMEA market. As a result of increased demand in the region, Aeris has expanded its European headquarters and has added dozens of new customers to further strengthen the company’s growing global expansion.

The Aeris value proposition and high quality of service is resonating with enterprises in Europe and beyond, finding that the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) has yet to be realized. Recent research commissioned by Aeris in partnership with Vanson Bourne involving more than 300 IT decision-makers across the U.K. and the U.S. indicated that more than half of U.K. executives now believe IoT will help meet their organization’s objectives, up 25% from two years ago, highlighting an attitude shift in European business.

The value that IoT can bring to organizations can be seen in the new partnerships Aeris has forged with companies like Detectronic, Isotrak and Acceptacard in 2015.

Aeris recently helped Detectronic, a company specializing in pollution prevention and flood reductions for the water industry, address challenges for its multi-sensor network of monitors by providing it with reliable, roaming cellular connectivity. Such connectivity is critical, so the monitors function effectively in distant locations within the U.K., Europe and beyond. Aeris’ AerPort, an M2M device monitoring and management portal, provided Detectronic with real-time reporting on its Sewer Network Monitors, most of which are deployed below ground, allowing the company to manage them remotely.

With Isotrak, Aeris provided customers with a reliable mobile network optimized to meet the demands created by IoT / M2M solutions for fleet management, while providing visibility and insight into the performance of vehicles and drivers through data analytics. Isotrak’s integrated supply-chain solutions depend on accessing near real-time data with robust alerting and reporting capabilities, which Aeris can deliver through its carrier-agnostic network.

For Acceptacard, Aeris helped achieve the optimum settings for terminal roaming and network access, and provides dependable point-of-sale connections that increase transaction reliability and customer satisfaction. In addition, Aeris was able to tailor a solution to meet the elements of the deployment from billing to troubleshooting.

European Expansion Includes Support on the Ground

With the growing EMEA demand for Aeris’ services and resulting staff size increase, Aeris recently quadrupled its office space with a new European headquarters in Reading.

Mohsen Mohseninia, vice president for international market development at Aeris, said:

“Aeris has enjoyed significant growth in Europe during the past 12 months, but there is potential for much more.”

“Expanding our hub in Europe and growing out the team to deliver superior customer service and more localized support represents another key development. With a strong sales force, support of a diverse team and dedicated marketing support, Aeris faces an exciting and successful future in Europe.”

As leaders in the growing IoT marketplace and as veterans of the M2M industry, Aeris understands the challenges customers face in all aspects of deploying a successful program – from building an IoT application, ensuring connectivity, and managing and optimizing the deployment. For more information on how Aeris is supporting the enterprise market in Europe, visit:

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