OriginGPS Expands Globally and Enhances Customer Support With New Future Electronics Partnership

OriginGPS Expands Globally and Enhances Customer Support With New Future Electronics Partnership

OriginGPS Offers Its ‘Mini + Mighty’ GPS and GNSS Modules Through the Distributor’s Extensive Network of 169 Local Offices to Meet Accelerating Internet of Things Market Demands in Every Region.

OriginGPS, a leading manufacturer of miniature Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) modules, announced today that it has struck a partnership with Future Electronics, one of the world’s leading global distributors of electronic components. As part of the agreement, OriginGPS’ ultra-small form factor and low-power GNSS modules will be distributed around the globe via Future’s dedicated wireless and radio frequency (RF) business unit, Future Connectivity Solutions.

“Future’s mission statement of redefining how to integrate emerging technologies into new applications is a perfect match for what we strive for with our GNSS modules that power improved navigation in legacy trackers verticals and in wearables and Internet of Things devices,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS. “We’re thrilled to be working with Future Electronics to distribute our best-in-class GNSS modules, which will not only allow OriginGPS to reach new geographies and verticals, it will improve support and enable Future’s customers to easily add location based services.”

For its part, Future Electronics will now complement its comprehensive range of existing offerings with OriginGPS’ line of GNSS modules, providing a wider array of IoT-enabled location modules to customers. Through Future’s Connectivity Solutions team, customers will be empowered to maximize the value of IoT products and create new revenue streams by utilizing the modules’ cutting-edge, power-efficient design as part of a complete package of services. It will offer the modules through its network of 169 locations in 44 countries, with support provided by the company’s staff of more than 5,000 employees.

“OriginGPS has long demonstrated a commitment to providing cutting-edge location-based solutions,” said Kelly Murphy, Director of Marketing – Future Connectivity Solutions.

“Its innovative GNSS modules strike that all-important balance between small size and low power consumption, ensuring that wearables, asset trackers and other devices boast optimal navigation without sacrificing battery life in the process. That ingenuity is exactly why we’re so excited to be partnering with OriginGPS.”

OriginGPS’ latest modules are the Multi Micro Hornet, the world’s smallest multi-GNSS module, and the Nano Spider, a miniature GPS receiver with an integrated receiver that stands at a mere 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.1 mm. OriginGPS’ Hornet and Spider lines balance high performance with low-power consumption, requiring only microwatts of battery life to achieve a rapid time to first fix (TTFF) of less than one second. Attuned to changes in context, temperature and satellite signals, the modules operate in near-continuous availability, able to pinpoint locations accurately to within approximately one meter with a tracking sensitivity of -163dBm.

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