Ores selects Telefonica for a Smart Metering project

Ores selects Telefonica for a Smart Metering project

Telefonica Business Solutions has recently been selected by ORES, the main player for electricity distribution networks and natural gas in Wallonia (Belgium), for a Smart Metering pilot deployment.

The project has been conducted with the City of Charleroi (Belgium) and the SWDE, Société Wallonne des Eaux. ORES and the SWDE together with Telefonica will help local authorities to control energy and water consumption of municipal buildings through regular monitoring, based on Smart Metering systems.

Telefonica will provide for 5 years its leading Smart m2m solution, the platform to manage and control IoT communications developed by Telefonica. Nowadays more than 1,500 customers trust their global communications on Smart m2m. The solution incorporates best in class features for real time consumption monitoring, supervision, global tracking, fraud detection, whilst also providing flexible communication plans and securing the communication end-to-end.

Anne Perrin, CEO of Telefonica Business Solutions France:

“We are proud to partner with ORES for this IoT project, which illustrates Telefonica Business Solutions European Smart Metering expertise, both in terms of technology and services.”

An innovative project

The project, based on Telefonica’s technological expertise in smart metering, aims to improve the energy performance of municipal buildings, as part of a multi-fluid metering device (electricity, gas, water). On the territory of the Municipality of Charleroi, about 900 smart meters will be equipped with this smart metering technology in 250 buildings.

Telefonica expands its Smart Metering expertise in Europe

In the context of the energy transition and the development of renewable energy, smart meters are an essential part of the management of distribution networks.

After winning the biggest public Smart Metering project in the UK, as well as major projects in France with the French energy supplier GrDF, Telefonica re-confirms its desire to provide energy players in Europe with optimized management and consumption capabilities through IoT technologies.

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