Senet Achieves Coverage in Over 100 U.S. Cities

Senet Achieves Coverage in Over 100 U.S. Cities

Continues LPWAN network build out in the U.S. with plans to double number of cities in the next year, enabling rapid deployment of commercial B2B IoT applications.

Senet, the first and only North American provider of public, low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) for long range-based (LoRa®-based) Internet of Things (IoT) applications, today announced that it has achieved coverage in 100 U.S. cities and plans to double that number over the next year.

“We continue to execute on our plan of building out the network in the U.S. and are thrilled to have reached this milestone,” said George Dannecker, president and CEO of Senet. “This clearly demonstrates our leadership position in building and operating LPWAN networks at scale. However, network coverage and growth are only one piece of the puzzle in commercializing high-ROI IoT applications, which is why we will continue to focus on helping these applications get deployed more quickly and will be making further investments and announcements in that area.”

Senet will utilize their proven ability to launch and manage networks and deploy both Macrocell and Microcell technology at scale to provide support for the multitude of LPWAN use cases expected to be deployed over the coming months and years. Currently, Senet is the only provider that can seamlessly manage both technologies in a single deployment using its world-class operations support systems (OSS) capability.

“Reaching this milestone of 100 cities covered, while promising to double that figure in the next year, really highlights not only Senet’s commitment to be a leading IoT service provider in the US—it is also a testament to the LoRa® Alliance’s approach to IoT,” said Daryl Schoolar, principal analyst at Ovum for Intelligent Networks.

“One of the key success factors in these early days of LPWAN IoT networks is achieving scale to attract both the attention of enterprise users and the application developers who want to reach those enterprises. As a result of this milestone, companies wanting to work in the IoT space will certainly want to take note of Senet.”

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