Ingenu Announces Machine Network Expansion in Texas

Ingenu Announces Machine Network Expansion in Texas

Addition of Austin, San Antonio and Houston markets provides machine connectivity to over 50 percent of state’s population.

Ingenu Inc.™, the pioneer in delivering connectivity exclusively to machines, today announced the expansion of its Machine Network™ to Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas.

The addition of these markets to the previously announced Dallas/Fort Worth area network will provide Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to over 50 percent of the Texas state population, covering more than 8,300 square miles of major metropolitan areas, along with tens of thousands of square miles of existing rural coverage.

Ingenu’s Machine Network is powered by the company’s patented RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) communication technology, which provides robust, reliable connectivity across a variety of operating environments. Due to its superior range and capacity, RPMA requires minimal infrastructure investment. As a result, the three densely populated Texas markets are served by a mere 27 RPMA access points, which is magnitudes less infrastructure than would be required with cellular networks.

“Austin is a creative, innovative city where people come from all over the world to turn their good ideas into reality,” commented Steve Alder, Austin City Mayor. “This type of machine-to-machine connectivity will get Austin that much closer to becoming a truly smart city.”

“Austin, San Antonio and Houston are leading the country in growth and technology adoption, and the availability of the Machine Network in the region will bring exciting new innovations to market,” said Tom Gregor, Ingenu’s president and GM, Machine Network.

“The addition of these cities will augment existing IoT applications in the area and will eventually result in truly ubiquitous coverage throughout the Southwestern region of the US.”

The Machine Network build-out is now underway across the United States, and will serve more than 30 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2016. The Machine Network currently provides more than 100,000 square miles of wireless coverage for a host of IoT applications.

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