U.S. Sugar and AgriSource Data Leverage Ingenu’s Machine Network to Deliver Innovative Smart Agriculture Solution

U.S. Sugar and AgriSource Data Leverage Ingenu’s Machine Network to Deliver Innovative Smart Agriculture Solution

RPMA-Enabled Application Drives Significant Efficiencies for the Country’s Largest Sugarcane Producer.

Ingenu Inc.™, the company that delivers purpose-built IoT connectivity, today announced its RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology will enable a water optimization application provided by AgriSource Data, an agriculture data application company.

The smart agriculture solution will monitor moisture levels of sugarcane crops managed by U.S. Sugar in Clewiston, Florida and will utilize Ingenu’s Machine Network™ which recently expanded coverage across the majority of the state.

AgriSource Data will integrate Ingenu’s RPMA into its Intelliroot™ smart moisture system to optimize agricultural water usage and enhance crop yields. The company will also analyze the data collected to provide real-time intelligence to farmers on soil moisture, nutrient and erosion levels. AgriSource Data will initially deploy its solution in Florida and plans to expand to other locations as the Machine Network is built out around the globe.

“Ingenu’s RPMA is ideally suited for the specific needs of the agriculture market,” said Ben Worley, chief executive officer, AgriSource Data.

“With long-range capabilities and reliable coverage, we believe it will provide our customers with a powerful tool to enhance crop production and streamline farm operations.”

U.S. Sugar is a farming company that grows sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn, and is the largest producer of sugarcane in the United States. The company utilizes wireless technology to enhance harvesting operations, railroad transportation and mill operations, and will deploy the Intelliroot solution to provide data and analysis of the soil conditions of its sugarcane crops.

“U.S. Sugar operates the largest, contiguous, privately owned Wi-Fi network in the country to monitor crop operations,” said Scott Berden, precision ag manager, U.S. Sugar. “However, a crop such as sugarcane can be difficult to serve because of its density. We found that the RPMA network provided extremely reliable coverage, and we believe if it can transmit through a sugarcane field, it can probably get through anything!”

With the expansion of the Florida Machine Network, the cities of Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale will join previously launched markets, that include Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, to provide Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to the majority of the state’s population. Serving the fourth largest economy in the United States, the Florida Machine Network will cover more than 7,000 square miles of area to serve IoT applications including smart agriculture, logistics, mining, transportation, elderly monitoring, smart cities, among others.

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