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Ingenu Expands Global Network, Providing IoT Connectivity to Over 29 Countries, and Growing

Ingenu Expands Global Network, Providing IoT Connectivity to Over 29 Countries, and Growing

Network powered by RPMA, the only IoT connectivity that works anywhere in the world with a single radio.

Ingenu Inc.™, the company that delivers purpose-built IoT connectivity, today announced it has expanded its RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) network to provide IoT connectivity in 29 countries across the globe.

The rapid deployment of the company’s Machine Network™ in the U.S. and its global licensing partnerships have driven the significant growth of the technology.

Ingenu has deployed its RPMA network across six continents, providing connectivity to the following countries:
Japan, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, China, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Australia, Qatar, St Maarten, Thailand, Kuwait, Canada, South Korea, Bahrain, USA, Taiwan, Oman, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Jordan, South Africa, Portugal, Angola, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama

RPMA continues to be the only wide-area technology that delivers a truly global connectivity solution for IoT deployments. Leveraging globally available spectrum, Ingenu, through its growing number of operator partners, is able to provide seamless coverage around the globe – allowing solutions to cross borders without the need for additional radio hardware or software configuration.

Ben Worley, CEO of AgriSource Data, said:

“Having a single radio that operates anywhere around the world allows us to quickly deploy solutions to farmers from South Florida to South Africa, without worrying about hardware alterations or multiple certifications.”

“With RPMA technology, we can bring our solutions to market faster which means we can have a substantially greater impact in helping to overcome the global food and water challenges we face in the coming years.”

Ingenu recently announced partnerships and integration efforts with companies that include Microsoft, Arrow Electronics and u-blox. The company’s growing network of hardware and software ecosystem partners further highlights the fast-paced momentum of RPMA globally.

“During the Mobile World Congress event last year, we announced that Ingenu had accelerated its global licensing strategy based on international demand for dedicated IoT networks, and that demand has only continued to increase,” said John Horn, CEO of Ingenu. “Customers are looking for connectivity solutions which will scale with the ever-changing requirements of the IoT, and RPMA technology is ideally suited as it is purpose-built for machines, has been deployed on a global scale, is available today and will last for decades to come.”

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