IoT Technology Worth Your Investment

IoT Technology Worth Your Investment

By Marc, writer at IoT Business News

Just a while ago, the Internet of Things was only a blossoming idea that many investors did not take notice of and now the industry is expected to be worth trillions by 2020.

The modern consumer has become so accustomed to receiving connectivity in most of their communication devices that the progression to other ‘things’ only seemed natural. From the programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity to tech polo shirts, the IoT is definitely revolutionising the consumer market.

All this growth also means lucrative opportunities for investors. When trading with an online broker such as CMC markets, it helps an investor to know the companies to watch out for in the IoT sector.

Which IoT technology is worth your money?

Home Automation

Smart homes are not the far-fetched concept they were five years ago. The market is presently filled with IoT devices that make it easy to tackle common home chores. Homeowners can now connect every switch in their houses to a single hub, giving greater control. Now you can track your HVAC system from a mobile device with the advent of smart thermostats. Refrigerators have touch screen interfaces where people can top up their groceries. A product like Amazon Echo, with its voice-activated command, has become very popular in homes. Smart bulbs are other products that have made quite an impact in smart buildings. These systems come with a range of colours that suit different settings and dimming capabilities that help with energy efficiency. The need for more intelligent appliances and home systems continues to drive things, particularly in the IoT sector. As consumers come to comprehend the benefits of home automation, demand increases. Couple that with the fact that prices keep going down and you have a thriving industry worth investing in.


Wearable technology has the greatest potential when considering investment options. The idea of wearables is not a new one with devices like the wristwatch calculator going back decades. However, tech companies and investors have come with entirely novel ways for people to have technology on their bodies. The iWatch from Apple is notably the most popular wearable tech, though other companies like Samsung and Google have produced similar products. Fitness tracking devices have also been very monumental in the dramatic growth of wearable IoT. Individuals can now exercise as they monitor their vitals on smartphone apps. The healthcare sector has benefited a great deal from wearable technologies as tech enterprises produce products like heart and blood sugar monitors that operate online. The future of wearable technology looks bright, and this is one industry where an investor can make decent profits.

Infrastructure Providers

The internet of things needs infrastructure to be operational, and the companies that provide them are ones that an investor should watch keenly. For example, tech t-shirts need processing chips to be able to receive and send data. The companies that offer the processing chips for IoT manufacturers have capitalised in a big way. Examples of such corporations include Qualcomm, Cisco Systems and Intel. Investors can learn about other components that are necessary for the IoT products such as sensors and Wi-Fi networks.

IoT Security

The increased use of online platforms in everyday life has left the modern day consumer exposed to many threats. Companies that manufacture and sell IoT products also have to consider the safety of their systems. With the use of ransomware to extort big corporations, theft of sensitive data and even identity theft, someone has to be responsible for security. A lot of companies provide security systems and products for IoT users and producers, and that is another sector where an investor can try making money.

Data Gathering

The internet of things has given rise to big data companies, which collect all the information generated from these devices and systems. As internet users increase in various sectors, big data becomes more prominent. A company like IBM took advantage of the burgeoning demand for IoT and invested in the cloud business. All the data from IoT users and enterprises requires storage, and the cloud is the most secure option. Other entities have followed suit, and you can find out which ones have suitable investment opportunities. Some players in the IoT market are behemoths that foresaw the dominance of the industry while others are startups that are cashing in on emerging prospects. IoT is expected to keep an upward trajectory, from which an investor can make money.

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