3 Best IoT Wearables Available Today

3 Best IoT Wearables Available Today
The internet is a place where you can get information in a matter of seconds, meet up with friends to discuss a game or keep notes to remind yourself with later in the year. That would have been the description about ten years ago, but today the internet is being used to connect devices that can talk to one another for your benefit.

The Internet of Things or IoT is a new concept that has allowed us the technology so that a simple tech gadget can communicate with an application to give us the information we find interesting. Here we talk about the three best wearables for the Internet of Things consumer.

The Bluetooth Headset was The First

If you sit back and think about the wearable technology that has popped onto the marketplace in the last ten years, the first one that comes to mind is the Bluetooth headset. These headsets were wireless. They connected to a device that passed sound through the air to the headset, bringing a certain level of convenience to the consumer. Since then, many devices have been designed with that technology built-in and you can see it today in things like the Fitbit trackers, smartphone to smartphone communication, and even within the drones we see flying around the sky.

The FitBit Blew the Wearables Market Wide Open

Having a small device on your wrist that could count the number of steps that you take in a day seemed like something out of a Star Trek movie. However, the FitBit has grown in popularity and the company has been putting new types of devices on the market each year. The Internet of Things platforms that are available today can communicate with your FitBit, sending information to a spreadsheet online, or emailing you a daily log of your fitness activity for safe keeping. Technology has come a long way and the Internet of Things is going to take it further.

Apple and the Smart Watch

Apple WatchApple released its first smartwatch a few years ago and that brought along a new sense of the technology that everyone thought they needed. A watch that could communicate with a smartphone, that allows you to take calls, see emails and texts, and even send replies with a few swipes and clicks. College students were top on the list of consumers that Apple was targeting with the smart watch, making essential information readily available on your wrist without having to look directly at your smartphone. Now, students studying for their counseling degree online could be less distracted with the technology around them, which was very appealing. Other companies like Samsung quickly followed suit.

The Internet of Things is here to help, connect, and benefit the consumer if they know how to use it to their advantage. Picture smart clothing that heats up based on the temperature of your zip code, or shoes that become more comfortable based on the terrain that you are walking on, just as an example. The possibilities are endless!

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