PNI Sensor Corporation and Senet Announce Smart Parking Solution Integration with Senet’s LPWAN

PNI Sensor Corporation and Senet Announce Smart Parking Solution Integration with Senet’s LPWAN

Enables Rapid Deployment of IoT-Enabled Smart Parking.

PNI Sensor Corporation and Senet, today announced integration between PNI Sensor Corporation’s PlacePod™ smart parking solution and the Senet Low-Power Wide-Area network (LPWAN).

PNI’s PlacePod is an IoT-enabled high-accuracy smart parking sensor that provides accurate vehicle detection in parking spaces, up to 10 years of battery life and is stable over temperature fluctuations, even in harsh environments. PlacePod solves the most mission-critical aspects of parking management: accurate, real-time vehicle detection and location of available parking spaces.

Integration of the PlacePod smart parking sensor and the Senet LPWAN gives businesses, cities, university campuses and transportation hubs the capability to implement an end-to-end smart parking solution and adopt dynamic pricing models to increase parking revenues, efficiently manage parking enforcement and reduce traffic congestion by guiding drivers to available parking spaces.

“We are excited to partner with Senet and expand the IoT ecosystem for our smart parking customers,” said Becky Oh, President and CEO of PNI Sensor Corporation.

“Now customers have the flexibility to customize their smart parking solution for their specific requirements and manage their parking resources using the Senet LPWAN within PNI’s parking cloud or utilize the Senet network for a private, on-premises deployment.”

Senet’s public, standards-based and highly scalable LPWAN currently provides coverage in a total of 225 cities and 23 states (see live coverage map), and has the ability to support millions of devices across hundreds of industries. LPWANs are differentiated by bi-directional communication, security, support for fixed, nomadic and mobile devices and localization capabilities which address the most critical aspects of IoT value creation.

“A leading promise of IoT is the technology’s ability to augment and improve existing infrastructure and services that citizens rely on every day, while delivering economic and environmental improvements,” said Dave Kjendal, CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Senet. “We are pleased to be partnering with PNI to deliver on this promise with municipal and private parking management solutions aimed at improving public services and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.”

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