Amazon Dash Wand and How It Is Transforming the IoT Market

Amazon Dash Wand and How It Is Transforming the IoT Market
Amazon is no stranger to the Internet of Things market. The company had Amazon Dash, a button designed to allow customers to order certain things with just a push of a button, invading homes around the world. It also has its own Amazon Echo, which acts as the main hub for a larger IoT ecosystem.

The company’s latest gadget, however, is the most interesting of them all. The Amazon Dash Wand has the potential of transforming the whole market like never before. What’s so special about the Dash Wand?

Affordable Device for Customers

Amazon Dash Wand has the ability to enter even more homes than previous Amazon devices. It does so with the help of one simple advantage: its price. Customers can acquire an Amazon Dash Wand for their home for just $20. Amazon is also throwing in an extra $20 Amazon credit with every purchase of the Dash Wand, which practically makes the device itself available for free.

Price is a big factor. The Amazon Echo, which is the Dash Wand’s bigger brother, now sells for around $140. Google Home is only $10 more affordable and Apple’s HomePod, the company’s first in-house smart home device, will retail at around $350. Even the Amazon Echo Dot retails at $49.99. The Dash Wand’s $20 price tag – and the bonus Amazon credit – is what attracts customers the most.

A Capable Smart Device

The Amazon Dash Wand also offers all the features you would expect from a device designed for smart homes. For starters, the Dash Wand comes equipped with Alexa, Amazon’s own Artificial Intelligence and personal assistant. You can still control your smart home using Alexa or simply rely on the AI to answer questions about the next best things to buy.

Amazon Dash Wand is also a unique device from IoT standpoint. The device is equipped with a barcode scanner. Users can use the barcode scanner to scan items whenever they need to buy them, and Alexa will automatically add those items to the Amazon shopping cart. The process is designed to be seamless and will have the ability to deliver an even more pleasant online shopping experience.

Shaping the Future

There is no doubt that Amazon Dash Wand is a revolutionary device from IoT business standpoint. In a market evolving as rapidly as today, getting to customers first is more important than ever. Dash Wand gives Amazon that opportunity with its low price and a long list of features.

Norwich University and its online MBA program recently compiled studies on the impact of IoT on businesses, underlining the importance of making the devices more accessible for the existing ecosystems to be effective. Students completing their online MBA degree will find the Amazon Dash Wand the perfect case study to see the real impact of IoT on a larger market.

It is a textbook example of a bold innovation and a daring business decision that work well together. Amazon is most likely losing money with every Dash Wand they sell, but the move places Amazon inside the homes of millions of potential customers.

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