Vodafone IoT signs agreement with NIU to connect smart electric scooters worldwide

NIU smart electric scooter

Vodafone has announced a new global connectivity agreement with leading Chinese electric scooter brand, NIU.

The agreement will see Vodafone provide all global connectivity services for NIU’s smart electric scooters – adding another advanced two-wheel provider to Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio.

The NIU scooters, characterised by cutting-edge battery and motor technologies, a dedicated app and award winning design – will now all come pre-installed with Vodafone IoT SIM cards and one-year pre-paid data contracts. The new Vodafone services will mean that scooter customers can have a full dashboard of their vehicle’s status in regards to battery charge and journey range. There are also additional security alerts which will send a text message to the owner’s phone if the scooter is moved without authorisation.

NIU has already sold over 330,000 smart electric scooters worldwide. Vodafone’s global network, leadership in IoT and unmatched scale and scope was a natural fit to support NIU’s global ambitions.

“This is a truly exciting agreement and another great example of how Vodafone and our partners are redefining transportation around the world”, said Vodafone’s director of IoT Erik Brenneis. “Strong and reliable connectivity is critical in the global connected marketplace and vital for NIU’s success, as its seeks to provide peace of mind to its global customers and the ultimate ride experience for scooter users everywhere. Vodafone provides that trusted connectivity and more, in more places.”

NIU founder Token Hu added:

“Vodafone’s global coverage will allow us to easily move into new markets with as little friction as possible. This partnership allows NIU to reduce costs for global customers through lower data plans, while simultaneously building a robust connected device that is capable of connecting with global networks.”

NIU’s smart connected scooter also enables regular “Over the Air” updates of the vehicle software, enabling the company to constantly improve the performance of its scooters and the customer experience.

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