WISeKey partners with HopeRun to launch WisekeyIoT platform on the Chinese IoT Market

WISeKey partners with HopeRun to launch WisekeyIoT platform on the Chinese IoT Market

WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced its partnership with Jiangsu HopeRun Software Co., ltd. to provide secure IoT solutions to the Chinese market by combing WISeKey’s IoT Security framework WISeKeyIoT with HopeRun’s embedded products, services and solutions.

Benoit Makowka, Vice President of the IoT business line at WISeKey Semiconductors, said:

“By combining WISeKey’s Secure Element (our tamper-resistant silicon chip) and its managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems with Hoperun’s experience in software development and technology services, we are bringing a powerful solution to Chinese companies that wish to develop and increase the level of security for their Internet of Things (IoT) offerings.”

“Furthermore, this agreement will reinforce our position as a leader in the region as we continue to expand our geographic coverage and client base.”

“Through the integration of WISeKeyIoT framework into Hoperun’s existing IoT solutions we can provide our customers with a dedicated secure IoT network that can be tailored to their needs,” said Liu Yi, Director of Innovation Solutions at HopeRun.

WISeKeyIoT is a vertical IoT security framework, a one-stop-shop security software tool with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-integrate API that manages the life-cycle of devices and their digital certificates. Easy to implement, hard to attack, the WISeKeyIoT framework offers secure solutions even when the IoT device is in an unsecured environment, such as during production or in the field.

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