Vodafone and Continental Improve Road Safety & Fleet Efficiency with IoT

Vodafone and Continental Improve Road Safety & Fleet Efficiency with IoT

The ContiConnect™ smart tire monitor helps prevent cost-intensive tire-related breakdowns.

Continental is helping to make the world’s roads safer with Vodafone’s support through the new digital tire monitoring platform, ContiConnect.

The companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect commercial vehicle fleets to the digital tire monitoring platform to improve road safety and vehicle efficiencies. ContiConnect is currently deployed in US, Canada, Malaysia and Thailand with more markets in Europe and Asia to follow in 2018 and next year.

ContiConnect communicates tire temperature and pressure data to a central web portal via the wireless network, allowing fleet managers to continuously monitor the data for their entire fleet. The system sends alerts via e-mail or SMS to the fleet manager if tire pressure or temperature deviate from the defined value and suggests corrective measures where necessary.

The new platform helps prevent expensive tire-related breakdowns affecting commercial fleets, and maximizes vehicle uptime. The Vodafone mobile communications network transmits the data securely, reliably in real-time to destinations around the world.

Continental‘s Commercial Vehicle tire Division Head of Digital Solutions Michael Neuheisel, said:

“ContiConnect provides commercial vehicle fleet operators such as haulage, bus or construction companies with greater transparency in their fleet management activities and allows them to digitally monitor their vehicles’ tires in real-time. The recorded data helps fleet managers to maximize vehicle uptime and reduce maintenance costs and fuel.”

Vodafone’s IoT Director Stefano Gestaut said: “This is a great example of how IoT can make real world differences in so many unexpected places. This ensures that truck drivers experience fewer tire-related breakdowns and accidents – making the roads a safer place to be for every vehicle user.”

Special Continental sensors continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature data and transmit it to a receiver unit. The receiver unit then transmits the data in real-time to the Continental backend where a software program analyses it. If any of the values are critical, ContiConnect sends an alert so that the fleet manager can take action immediately.

In the ecological fast lane

ContiConnect is putting commercial vehicles in the ecological fast lane. The regular data streams that are sent to the fleet managers help them to plan tire changes and maintenance far more efficiently, improving the operational performance and lifespan of the tires. Tire pressure monitoring also contributes to protecting the environment because tires that are operated at optimum pressure save fuel and reduce commercial vehicles’ CO2 output. For example, a tire operating at just 80% pressure uses around 0.9 litres more fuel for every 100 kilometres driven. Over an average distance covered of 120,000 kilometres per year, that’s 1,080 litres more fuel consumed for each tire. So in addition to the environmental benefits, ContiConnect also improves commercial fleet profitability.

Global flexibility in the Internet of Things

The system transmits data by SMS or e-mail, so the driver doesn’t need to have a display unit in the cockpit. And the global Vodafone network ensures that fleet managers have real-time data on all their vehicles that are out on the road.

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