MediaTek Announces NB-IoT R14 Rate Enhancement Test with China Mobile

MediaTek Announces NB-IoT R14 Rate Enhancement Test with China Mobile

Introducing the Single-mode MT2625 and Dual-mode MT2621 SoC Solutions with R11 Support for Industrial and Consumer IoT Applications.

MediaTek recently announced it has completed the NarrowBand IoT Release 14 (NB-IoT R14) rate enhancement tests in collaboration with China Mobile to become the first chip maker to pass the test.

A development board based on the MediaTek MT2625 System-on-Chip (SoC) solution was used to achieve the upload rate of 150kbps and download rate of 100kbps. At a data rate of 4~6 times over the R13 standard, R14 is sufficient for applications in remote meter reading, over-the-air firmware upgrade (FOTA), and voice over massage etc. NB-IoT R14 will open up new markets in the IoT industry.

With the growing Internet-of-Things (IoT) market and services, the peak up/downlink speeds of the R13 standard can no longer keep up with application demands. As a result, the NB-IoT R14 evolution introduces the larger maxium 2536bits TBS and 2 HARQ processes to achieve over 100kbps peak uplink and downlink speeds promising GPRS bandwidth levels for remote upgrades and low power wide area (LPWA) situations with higher bandwidth and latency requirements in NB-IoT applications. At the same time, the NB-IoT R14 standard has also been enhanced in terms of mobility, positioning, multicasting, and multi-carrier techniques to provide better standards and technical support for the IoT industry and market applications.

Jerry Yu, MediaTek Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices business unit, said:

“MediaTek is very pleased to be the first chip maker to pass the China Mobile NB-IoT R14 interoperability tests.”

“MediaTek is a key player in the development of the IoT standard and we are also actively developing the technology along with the industry. Currently, we have two R14-ready chips available: the single-mode MT2625 and the GSM+NB-IoT dual-mode MT2621 SoC solutions. These two chipsets will be widely used in the industrial and consumer IoT markets to usher-in the influx of the IoT era.”

MediaTek and China Mobile are working closely together on bringing IoT applications to the market. In June of this year, they launched the world’s smallest (16mm x 18mm) NB-IoT module based on the MT2625 chipset to help manufacturers quickly and easily develop new IoT devices. Within the year, the two companies started collaborating on the NB-IoT R14 interoperability tests. The development of IoT requires active cooperation on both the network side and the chipset manufacturer to ensure a quality user experience from IoT devices. In the future, both companies will expand the collaborative efforts in a variety of real-world applications to jointly promote the development of all things IoT.

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