Idrive Chooses Quectel SC60 for Fleet Monitoring Device

Idrive Chooses Quectel SC60 for Fleet Monitoring Device

Idrive Inc., an American company specializing in the development and production of video devices for fleet monitoring, has recently launched its best-selling product idrive X2 based on Quectel SC60 smart module.

The device is a dual video event recorder which records 2 HD videos simultaneously. The camera is mounted on the windshield inside of the vehicle and records both the road and driver. Idrive’s Visual Telematics Service offers live GPS tracking with live videos that can be requested by safety managers with the click of a button.

Combined with years of development in computer vision, additional power was required for the artificial intelligence protocols. Considering this with the need for low power and competitive pricing, Quectel SC60-E was a perfect fit. To make this service possible and run efficiently idrive utilizes Quectel modules.

Quectel SC60-E is a long lifecycle CAT 6 high-performance smart module which supports multiple modes of LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/UMTS/GSM, dual-LCM, FHD Resolution, 2 ISPs, maximum 24MP for camera, maximum 4K video encode and decode, USB 3.0, FHD Wi-Fi display, BlueTooth BLE, Built-in GNSS and abundant interfaces with Android OS embedded in it.

SC60-E is not a common modem, it is a powerful smart solution based on which many applications can be achieved such as smart POS, surveillance monitor and camera, smart speaker, police and law enforcement equipment, vending machine, advertising machine, payment devices, cash register and smart home gateways, etc.

Sean O’Neil, CEO of Idrive Inc., commented that:
“Quectel has provided us with highly efficient products that fit well into our designs. Quality combining with price points is unbeatable. We have always been given the best customer and engineering support that we could ask for. Because of this, idrive will continue its partnership with Quectel on future product developments.”

Quectel module provides high-performance and low power consumption which fit perfectly into idrive designs. The module vendor also offers extremely helpful and responsive engineering support for drivers and implementation.

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