IoT Device Management Revenue Grows 58% in 2018

IoT Device Management Revenue Grows 58% in 2018

Evaluation of 17 Internet of Things device management vendors supports small and large enterprises investigating IoT device lifecycle management, integration, and over-the-air updating capabilities, according to analyst firm MachNation.

MachNation announces availability of its second annual, global IoT Device Management ScoreCard, an in-depth evaluation and rating of 17 IoT device management vendors.

In order to capture the key trends in the ecosystem, MachNation completed an in-depth analysis of the following vendors: Amazon, Amplia, ARM, AVSystem, Bosch, Harman, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, PTC, Sierra Wireless, SiteWhere, Smith Micro, Software AG, Telit, Thingsboard, and Wind River.

MachNation chart: IoT Device Management ScoreCard 2018According to survey data collected from participating vendors in the scorecard, IoT device management revenue will grow 58% in 2018 with 37% and 35% of vendors’ revenue coming from North America and Western Europe, respectively. MachNation forecasts that 2018 worldwide IoT platform revenue will reach USD3.2 billion as enterprise buyers invest in the underlying technology to power their IoT solutions. MachNation data show that 61% of IoT device management vendors’ revenue comes from product-based sales, while 39% comes from IoT device management services.

MachNation chart: IoT Device Management ScoreCard 2018 - Vendors“MachNation has become the leading, independent research firm for detailed information about IoT device management,” said Dima Tokar, Co-founder and Head of Research, MachNation.
“Our large enterprise clients have always trusted our data-driven insights. And now MachNation’s exceptional IoT platform research and our hands-on IoT platform benchmarking lab MIT-E are attracting attention from small and medium enterprises as well.”

MachNation enterprise clients recognize the value of relevant, high-quality, time-saving IoT platform research.

Supporting quotes

“Finding independent specialists with deep knowledge of IoT platforms and device management is difficult. Our customers demand top-quality solutions, so we value the excellent technology and business insights we receive from MachNation.” – Geoff Martin, Group Manager IoT Product Platforms, Sprint.

“As we start the product development process, it is important to make the best IoT platform choice possible as this decision could be with us for a long time.” – Mike Hall, President, Checkfluid.

MachNation’s IoT Device Management ScoreCard is the industry’s most comprehensive technical review of relevant vendors. The research provides a detailed review of product capabilities, SDKs, APIs, and documentation to help businesses and service providers manage IoT sensors, devices, and gateways at scale.

MachNation’s ScoreCard contains several quadrants and matrices to help clarify an exciting device management ecosystem. The ScoreCard ranks vendors across 18 detailed technical and business requirements including integration tools, lifecycle management support, technology architecture, and security approaches.

Sam Hale, analyst and IoT implementation specialist, MachNation, said:

“For the second year, MachNation has focused on the nuances of IoT device management to help enterprises, service providers, systems integrators, and distributors understand the strengths and weaknesses of platform microservices. Our recommendations are based on technical reference materials, extensive developer documentation review, and countless live demos.”

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