Here’s How Technology Has Positively Impacted Customer Engagement

Here's How Technology Has Positively Impacted Customer Engagement
Imagine being able to provide customers with immediate responses to inquiries, integrating chatbots to answer questions when live agents aren’t available, and providing real-time reporting all in one place.

Implementing a call center in the cloud is just one example of how companies can better engage with their clients or customers — and forge better and stronger relationships with them in the process.

After all, you never want to leave your customers waiting, and with a cloud-based call center, that can quickly become a moot point altogether. These days, using chatbots, live chat, social media, phone support and other amazing technological advancements available to businesses allow them to better serve their audiences 24/7/365.

Here’s how various tech innovations have changed how companies engage with their customers.

Personalization 101: How You Can Build Stronger Ties with Your Customers

By creating a user-friendly and responsive website, companies can begin to easily leverage behavioral data to provide customers with relevant information. Tracking consumer behavior is extremely easy to do, given the technologies available to businesses today.

Offering product suggestions during checkout, FAQ pages on products and services and live chat support can easily be implemented when creating a website — and companies should make it a point to adopt and utilize these tools. Location-based personalization and product/service personalization are two key areas companies can also cash in on.

Leveraging these tools and creating a personalized experience for shoppers not only enhances consumer engagement, but also helps companies improve overall communication between customers and live agents.

Instant Gratification & Maintaining Your Consumer Base

The Internet of Things, all-in-one tools and integrative software has changed the way companies interact with customers. Simple features like instant service and delivery standards (from companies like Amazon), as well as intuitive tools like chatbots that can engage with customers — and quickly determine their needs — can deliver quality services we’ve never seen before.

These days, automated prescription refill requests and auto-order savings for customers who order groceries online and place recurring orders are among the many features companies can implement into their cloud-based systems.

Indeed, the more intuitive these systems are — and the more instant gratification they afford to customers — the easier it is to retain these customers and attract new prospects without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money.

The Customer Matters

Unfortunately, R&D is a critical area of business in which many companies drop the ball. Not listening to your customers’ needs and wants and/or failing to garner employee input can greatly hinder your ability to succeed. Today, companies have so much technology at their fingertips that there’s virtually no reason to continue operating at status quo.

As such, gathering consumer feedback through online reviews and product giveaways or trials, as well as allowing employees to offer their input, are just a couple of simple ways companies can grow and create products and services that will actually sell. Gathering these opinions in order to gain valuable insights and ideas are just a few simple ways companies can help to better understand customer frustrations as well as the products or services they’d like to see roll out.

Indeed, the IoT and various tech advancements allow companies to create the best product and service experiences for their customer base, without having to re-create the wheel.

Implementing the Latest Technologies for Advancement

There’s no shortage of ways in which the IoT, software and new technologies can be implemented by companies to better serve customers. Something as simple as adding an intuitive dashboard or offering product suggestions based on their past purchase or browsing history allows companies to better personalize customers’ brand experience.

Today, companies can interact with their customers via texting, voice calling, live chat, social media and countless other avenues. The more companies utilize these tactics, the greater ROI and customer retention rates they’ll realize.

Whether it’s introducing chatbots to respond to customer inquiries overnight or simply relying on customer feedback in researching new products, companies must rely on the latest technologies to better serve their customers. These are a few simple ways businesses can rely on technology to progress and maintain a stronghold in their niche industry.

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