Tele2 IoT launches a seamless global IoT experience

Tele2 IoT launches a seamless global IoT experience

Tele2 AB, today announced the launch of a new global IoT platform – EnCore.

With EnCore, customers can roll out large global IoT deployments, using high amounts of data, in a flexible and cost-efficient way. EnCore makes it possible to overcome many of the challenges that enterprises face when operating a large deployment of IoT devices on a global scale. Making connectivity easier, faster, smarter, unified, more cost-efficient and with quality of service has driven this development.

For enterprises that have, or are looking to deploy, IoT devices with connectivity on a larger scale, the current solutions on the market have not been working in an optimal way. They are often faced with proprietary solutions, having to administrate multiple operators and platforms for different regions, including local operators for certain countries with regulatory requirements. They’ve also faced difficulties in finding cost-efficient solutions for mid and high data use-cases on a global level.

EnCore has been developed to support the growing amount of solutions that digitalization and the shift toward servitization require and generate. It gives enterprises an efficient way of deploying and operating their devices. It is a solution to the latency issues, the regulatory compliance situation and the high data cost structure that many customers today are challenged by.

EnCore is composed of a cloud based IoT Core network that is deployed as-a-service in the regions and countries required. It has a platform to manage and operate an enterprise’s total IoT deployment. Based on the Nokia WING platform, it also acts as a platform for mobile network operators to cooperate, in order to offer enterprises all the benefits of a local deployment in a global setup.

“As the orchestrator of a smarter world, we aim to launch services that make IoT adoption easier, more efficient and that will improve the customers daily business”, says Melissa Jenkins, CTO of Tele2 IoT. “We identified the need for EnCore a number of years ago and very proud of launching it today”.

“While our other offerings are very suitable for both smaller and larger roll-outs, this is a infrastructure service, an IoT as-a-service offering, that will benefit companies with large global deployments, or with high data usage and specific quality of service requirements. Our strategy to develop open, enduring, and innovative products continues, and EnCore is really a new paradigm in the world of IoT.”

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