Semtech Simplifies Development of Geolocation for LoRa®-based Applications

Semtech Simplifies Development of Geolocation for LoRa®-based Applications

Broadens access to network generated location data; announces Cloud-services to support rapid development of location solutions for LoRa Technology.

Semtech Corporation announced it is broadening access to network-generated location data and providing Cloud services to support the rapid development of location-based solutions for LoRa® Technology, furthering Semtech’s commitment to support the ecosystem in developing new and compelling geolocation solutions that leverage the unique combination of low power and accuracy that LoRa Technology provides.

To enable ecosystem partners to continue to invest in developing innovative solutions to the specific challenges faced by their customers, Semtech will include high-resolution timestamps in future licensed referenced designs. Semtech will also provide a simple Cloud-based service to support developers in rapidly developing location solutions with both free and paid options to support rapid prototyping and commercial deployment.

Additionally, to meet the need of customers for support and service level agreements as they scale their location-enabled services, Semtech will launch a simple, easy-to-use and cost-efficient commercial geolocation service backed by support and service level agreement options to meet the needs of the growing number of commercial LoRaWAN-based deployments.

Alistair Fulton, Vice President of Product Management of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, said:

“The ability to locate assets, understand the context they are in and what is happening to them in a given moment, is in many ways the ‘killer app’ in the Internet of Things (IoT).”

“Semtech’s LoRa Technology offers the best combination of low power consumption and accuracy of any location technology available today, and Semtech is committed to providing developers with the application building blocks, tools and services to support their goal of rapidly developing solutions to address the unique challenges faced by their customers.”

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