Kerlink Licenses Low-Power IoT Reference Design Solution To Kaertech, a Leading Provider of Connected Objects

Kerlink Licenses Low-Power IoT Reference Design Solution To Kaertech, a Leading Provider of Connected Objects

Solution Gives Designers, Software Developers, Architects and Operation Engineers Step-by-Step Directions for Quickly Conceiving & Producing LoRa End-Devices.

Kerlink and Kaertech, a global provider of made-to-order connected objects, today announced that Kaertech has licensed Kerlink’s Low Power IoT (LPIoT) Reference Design solution to design and manufacture LoRa devices for its customers.

Kaertech helps startups, SMEs and large corporations in the telecommunications, electronics, consumer electronic goods, household appliances and industrial-products sectors design innovative connected devices and services by combining expertise in electrical, mechanical and software engineering with its broad experience in system architecture and product definition.

Matthieu Delporte, Kaertech general manager and CFO, said:

“Kerlink’s LPIoT Reference Design solution accelerates time to market from concept to finished product by eliminating months of product-development time and can cut overall R&D costs by up to 30 percent.”

“It is a logical and strategic addition to Kaertech’s suite of services for companies around the world that are deploying LoRaWANTM networks for rapid, reliable and energy-efficient IoT connectivity.”

Kerlink LPIoT Reference Design gives designers, software developers, architects and operation engineers step-by-step directions for quickly conceiving and producing IoT connected end-devices that deliver high performance, low energy consumption and optimized radio performance, as well as robustness and reliability in the field. It is continuously updated with the latest specifications and standards.

“Kerlink’s reference design solution is a complete package of hardware, software, tools and recommendations to prototype and produce cost-efficient final products in a very short time to market,” said Didier Larrieu, vice president – Kerlink Advanced Services Business Unit.

“Pairing it with Kaertech’s offerings gives large and small companies the means to quickly and reliably deploy the customized LoRaWAN applications they require.”

“As a globally recognized maker of connected objects, Kaertech provides full turnkey services with state-of-the-art product design and advanced manufacturing services,” said company CEO Michael Bouffaut.

“Kerlink’s reference design system supports our objective to provide customers with an all-inclusive solution that offers R&D engineering and manufacturing services for telecommunication products, multi-media tools, electronic modules, consumer electronic goods, household appliances and industrial products.”

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