Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers

Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers

Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers.

Sequans Communications and Momentum IoT, fleet management hardware and software solutions provider, have joined forces to add LTE-M connectivity to the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 telematics tracking device for a total solution that makes fleet management more user-friendly and more cost-effective.

The Momentum IoT Eagle 1 allows fleet managers to monitor and track the status of virtually everything in their fleets, from location and fuel consumption to maintenance problems.

Justin Silva, CEO of Momentum IoT, said:

“Adding LTE-M connectivity to the Eagle 1 is crucial to our fleet manager customers because important data, including location, trip activity, or real-time maintenance issues, can now be transmitted via the always on and everywhere available nationwide LTE-M network, which provides connectivity at a lower cost and with lower power consumption.”

“We chose Sequans’ Monarch because it is the world’s leading LTE-M/NB-IoT chip, and Sequans is the proven leader in LTE for IoT. They help us offer better value and higher performance for field service managers.”

The Momentum Eagle 1 is an ultra-advanced and rugged device that is easy to install with plug-in connectors that need no wiring. The auto-load feature automatically sets up the vehicle in the dashboard where fleet managers can instantly view odometer, voltage, and fuel level readings, as well as the idle, park, or moving status of every truck or vehicle in their fleet. Managers have full visibility of trucks on the map, including distance from site and deviations. Notifications are provided for trip length and speed reports, and alerts are provided for maintenance issues.

“We are pleased to partner with Momentum IoT to bring the truly innovative Eagle 1 telematics solution to market,” said Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans. “Momentum IoT is enabling fleet operators of all sizes to benefit from telematics solutions that have previously been available only to big companies—they are making it simpler and more cost-effective, while providing the full range of telematics features with high security.”

The LTE connectivity in the Momentum Eagle 1 telematics device is powered by Sequans Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT Platform. Monarch provides full support for power saving mode (PSM) and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) to enable long battery life, and it provides enhanced coverage modes, including a +23 dBm power amplifier, that extend coverage for deep-indoor and remote deployments. For LTE positioning, Monarch incorporates the positioning technology of Polte for accurate, low power, indoor and outdoor positioning capability using only the LTE radio. Monarch delivers programmable RF filtering for global band support in a Single-SKU™, and proprietary dynamic power management technology, enabling rock bottom power consumption of 1 micro amp. Monarch is certified by operators around the world.

“With Momentum, we saw immediate results.” said Chris Spano, CEO of Traffic Management Inc. “With accurate visibility, we were able to deploy more projects with higher daily utilization and more accurate billing. This has become a key competitive advantage. Our clients see us at our best. Momentum made it happen.”

The Momentum Eagle 1 telematics solution is now available.

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