Stone Technologies Selects Sierra Wireless IoT Solutions to Expand Business into Industrial Monitoring Market

Stone Technologies Selects Sierra Wireless IoT Solutions to Expand Business into Industrial Monitoring Market

Sierra Wireless’ IoT solution and managed service enables Stone Technologies to generate new revenue streams with a remote monitoring application for industrial companies.

Sierra Wireless today announced that Stone Technologies, a supplier of intelligent monitoring solutions, has chosen Sierra Wireless’ Uplink® remote monitoring solution and connectivity services to expand beyond its traditional alarm monitoring business to generate new revenue streams.

Art Stone, CEO, Stone Technologies, said:
“Sierra Wireless’ Uplink solution and connectivity services have allowed us to expand into new markets and open new revenue streams with a managed service for industrial monitoring. We’re giving customers greater visibility over their remote equipment, whether they’re in wastewater monitoring, tower lighting or emergency generator management.”

“By partnering with Sierra Wireless, we were able to deliver a new service for our customers and increase our monitoring revenue by 32 percent from 2017 to 2018.”

Stone Technologies was already using Uplink solutions for its security monitoring services but recognized that these same remote monitoring capabilities could be used to realize new business opportunities outside of the security industry. The company is now providing a managed service for government and enterprise customers with three unique use cases: radio tower lighting, emergency generators and water/wastewater management stations.

Stone Technologies’ can now monitor critical operations data about the status and performance of its customers’ systems, allowing them to increase revenue and find cost savings. Additionally, this service helps Stone Technologies customers ensure compliance with safety regulations and avoid government and municipality fines due to, for example, sewer water escaping into environmentally sensitive areas or radio tower lights failing.

Marc Overton, Chief Solutions Officer, Sierra Wireless, said:
“As Stone Technologies’ trusted IoT partner, Sierra Wireless provides solutions and services that enable them to capitalize on opportunities for recurring revenue in new markets. Stone Technologies’ managed monitoring service guarantees that they can react quickly to costly system failures and important mechanical events, helping their customers avoid hefty fines and business losses. By providing a new service to customers, Stone Technologies has greatly increased their annual revenue and expanded into new markets.”

The Uplink 5500EZ remote monitoring solution sends an alert to the user anytime that a connected device has had a change of state, making it an ideal solution for wide range of monitoring applications, from security to industrial and beyond.

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