IoT Devices Can Now be Activated by Voice Commands – Even When Offline

IoT Devices Can Now be Activated by Voice Commands - Even When Offline

A unique voice assistant solution for IoT devices, in the industrial environment, was launched by Onvego.

In recent years, voice assistant solutions have become a consumer commodity.

However, in the case of IoT, it has become clear that the main voice assistant solutions available today – Alexa, Siri, Google Home – were not made to deal with the industrial environment. IoT’s main requirements of constant online connectivity using significant processing resources cannot be met, as most IoT devices are not always online, and have small CPUs. Furthermore, voice assistants are running on “public” cloud, which does not meet the security and safety needs of IoT devices.

With IoT in mind, the Onvego voice solution was made. Roy Gurion, a Co-Founder and CEO of Onvego told us about it:

“Our voice assistant solution can run efficiently off-line, even on small CPUs. Moreover, the industrial environment is noisy by nature. Many people are often speaking in the vicinity of the device. The Onvego solution can identify one speaker voice from another, while disregarding the environmental noises in the background.”

“In addition, the Onvego solution’s ability to run on private cloud, adds to its stringent security.”

The importance of voice solutions for IoT can be felt in everyday life. For example, it enables doctors to focus on patients, while leveraging different medical devices.

It can also assist the elderly population to operate digital home appliances. Elderly people can usually say what they want the device to do, but they are sometimes unable to find the right buttons to make it work.

The Onvego voice solution already has customers and on-site implementations. It runs on both fixed and mobile devices. Additional capabilities include supporting different languages and accents, effective machine learning used for quick training in enterprise contents, as well as specific functions for building effective voice control and verbal dialogue if needed.

How big is the market for voice solutions for industrial IoT devices? The number of global IoT devices has now reached 35 Billion (a number that will double by 2025). Nowadays many IoT companies are trying to embed voice control into their IoT devices.

Onvego is a Tel Aviv-based AI technology startup company, specializing in the field of smart voice, speech and language processing. The development of the company’s technologies is based on AI algorithms and the company’s original ideas, created in recent years by its expert team.

The huge growth of the IoT market, along with the productivity of voice-controlled interfaces are promising to contribute to the success of the IoT revolution of the 2020s.

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