4 Important Reasons Automation Is A Must For Companies In 2020

4 Important Reasons Automation Is A Must For Companies In 2020
There are new business processes, technologies, and IT environments around every corner in the digital age of today. And they keep getting more complex with each release and update. Many businesses, large and mid-size have already integrated unique systems and applications at scale. But automation remains elusive for many companies.

The truth is that companies can no longer scale and stay competitive without automation. Automating business processes at scale is essential, and it has become a key part of DevOps for businesses as well.

The latest tech and IT trends are causing major shifts in how businesses operate. And enterprise workload automation is no longer for complex, large enterprise companies. Automation can now be leveraged by any business for growth. The following important reasons automation is a must in 2020 may be worth considering for your company. Let’s dive in!

1. IT Will Continue To Increase In Complexity

Innovation in the space of technology is serving up new solutions for enterprise companies and their IT teams. The IT complexity will continue to rise for mobile, cloud computing, big data, and more. Even enterprise companies have legacy systems in place, despite innovative solutions available.

And many companies are running multiple systems like Linux and Windows in tandem. Not to mention the addition of cloud solutions on top of all the other solutions. This causes more and more complex issues as time passes.

Implementing workload automation and other automated processes can help IT teams to manage the growing variety of environments. To stay competitive in 2020, adopting automation tools and platforms is a must for IT and overall business growth.

2. Automation Goes Beyond IT And DevOps

In the early days of automation, the focus was on IT and DevOps. This is still the case, but technology via automation is no longer the sole application. There is now software tools that span across all business processes and workflows.

For instance, sales teams can automate the collection of data via a customer resource management platform like Salesforce or HubSpot. With the ability to compile data in real-time using the power of automation gives sales teams the ability to increase touch points and customer conversions.

This type of workload automation essentially combines backend IT processes in an enterprise company with the frontend, user facing interface. And the ease of use is simplified, allowing any team to quickly learn and adopt for maximum results.

3. Businesses Need To Operate At Lightning Speed

The speed at which your business operates, whether bringing new products and/or services to market, or creating a powerful customer experience, needs to be competitive. Every business, enterprise or not, knows the advantages of speed, and making business processes faster is a priority for many companies in 2020. If not already implemented.

Some examples of speed are same day delivery, customer support chat, same day returns and refunds, and the list goes on. If customers need to wait, they will abandon your products and/or services for your competitors’ offerings if faster.

A strong automation tool gives businesses the ability to be lightning fast, avoiding any client/customer delays, as well as delays in production. You can automate just about any process these days. For instance, you can set up automated triggers that create a workflow in an ERP software once an invoice is received.

Or you can run a 24-hour customer support chat channel to increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction. Automation can give you a leg up on the competition by simply being faster.

4. Data Needs To Be A Top Priority

It’s no secret that data-driven companies have a greater success rate than businesses that do not pay close attention to the data behind their business processes and workflows. This makes it very important to make data a priority in 2020 in order to scale and stay competitive in your industry.

But this can be challenging for many companies due to the obstacles that present when data needs to be collected, analyzed, and used to make critical business decisions. Automation can help. Having advanced automation tools in place can allow multiple departments to utilize data to maximize success.

Do You Have An Automation Adoption Strategy For 2020?

The above reasons automation is a must for companies in 2020 are certainly important to consider. From developing a strong IT environment to creating faster workflows and processes, automation needs to be adopted to maintain a competitive edge.

Automation is certainly important. Do you have an automation strategy for next year? What tools and platforms are on your automation bucket list?

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