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How the Internet of Things can be used in offices to improve operations

How the Internet of Things can be used in offices to improve operations

An article by Marc Kavinsky, Editor at IoT Business News.

The Internet of Things is still developing its potential. There is still so much more to aim for in the future, where all objects can communicate with each other to provide a comprehensive, seamless experience in all walks of life.

But for businesses today, the IoT can offer a variety of applications which do not require heavy investments to quickly improve operations on a daily basis. We have listed for you a few ideas of how IoT can be easily deployed in your offices to help you improve your business:

Track Maintenance

In the office, internet-connected devices and appliances can send out automated progress and maintenance reports. This means if there is an issue with your printer, you will know about it, whether it’s running low on ink or has a paper jam. The second it happens, you will know about it. With your permission, this can even go one step further. Connect these IoT devices to your inventory, and they can either send out a notice for stock to be replenished, or if you are running low, they can send out an automated order. Never run out of ink or paper again!

Smart Lights Become Therapy Lights

Eye strain is a serious problem in the office, which is why IoT-connected bulbs and smart lighting is the way of the future. This way, your lights can adjust the color balance throughout the day so that your team is productive and can enjoy less stress and eye strain.

Keep Utilities Low with Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are making waves with homeowners, but they can actually do the same for offices. If you are responsible for your company’s utility bills, then have one installed to ensure an optimal climate at optimized times.

Keep Track of All Your Equipment

IoT tagging can change the game when it comes to providing equipment for your employees. No longer do you need a lengthy or complicated check-in and check-out process. It can all be done automatically while still being able to track where your equipment is.

Space occupation

IoT devices can be used to track activity within your office. A system of connected devices can monitor activity in meeting rooms, at the welcome desk, in the hallways and they can check office occupation to allow a smarter management of the spaces. This is especially relevant for companies with floating desks policies. With a proper network of IoT sensors you can get an office heat map, then make a floor-plan reorganization to optimize the use of your office spaces.

The Benefits of Adding IoT Development to Your Roster

If you are looking to improve your business operations, the best way is to look to the future and probably to invest in IoT technologies. You may have specific needs and you may wonder if you should develop your own solutions in-house or outsource the development.
Whatever option you choose, make sure you spend the necessary time and resources on the testing part, especially if your solution is intended to work with a variety of devices. Whether it is for UAT testing or non-regression testing, the best option is often to turn to an external company with a dedicated focus and expertise on quality assurance and testing.

Understand The Future to Prepare for the Future

The Internet of Things is going to become more pervasive. It is a natural continuation of the tech that we have now and will work to improve the quality of life for all. By investing in IoT, not just in your own office, but in your suite of products or services, you can future-proof your business.

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