Online IoT Marketplace, Ioterra, Emerges Independent from Tech Company Acquisition

Online IoT Marketplace, Ioterra, Emerges Independent from Tech Company Acquisition

On March 31, 2020 StoneAge Inc, a manufacturer of industrial waterblast tools and automated equipment, acquired Breadware Inc., an Internet of Things engineering consultancy. Ioterra, a division within Breadware, was not included in the acquisition and has emerged as an independent company. Ioterra is an online marketplace for companies to buy and sell services and solutions related to Internet of Things development.

Originally launched in May 2019, Ioterra exists to help companies locate and engage with premium IoT solutions and services across a number of industry verticals. Ioterra hosts over 200 hardware and software solutions for companies to discover, compare, and purchase.

Additionally, Ioterra provides services from over 50 professional firms in the IoT sector, ranging across corporate strategy, product design, mechanical engineering, firmware development, cloud platform design, and manufacturing preparation.

“Ioterra was created out of the question: ‘how can we simplify and expedite the IoT development process?'” said CEO, Daniel Price.

“We’ve seen an overwhelming response from companies requesting services ranging within different verticals of industries. One of the main pain points for a business undergoing digital transformation is deciding how to deploy their budget to maximize their confidence of a strong ROI; our team specializes in matching the best solutions and service companies based on the projects’ criteria.”

Ioterra has referred over 150 custom IoT initiatives to service companies within its platform. “Ioterra demonstrates how beautifully humans can do business together,” said a partnering, service provider on the platform, Chris McCoy, CEO of You3Dit.

Ioterra will continue to expand their services and solutions memberships, pursue collaboration with business incubators and accelerator programs, and promote IoT development and engineering by attending virtual conferences and joining organizations promoting smart technology.

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