New Soracom Services Accelerate IoT Data Flow, Improve Security, and Reduce Cost

New Soracom Services Accelerate IoT Data Flow, Improve Security, and Reduce Cost

SORACOM Orbit lets developers transform data on the fly; SORACOM Peek provides packet capture on demand; new VPG offerings lower cost of secure communication.

Soracom, Inc., a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of two new services for IoT: SORACOM Orbit and SORACOM Peek.

These breakthrough services make it easier to manage and secure data flowing between IoT devices and public cloud platforms.

Addressing an audience of over 3,000 IoT developers, founders, and executives, Soracom Co-Founder and CTO Kenta Yasukawa introduced the new services from the virtual stage at Soracom Discovery 2020.

SORACOM Orbit removes a common barrier to scale by letting developers transform IoT data as it moves between devices and the cloud. IoT implementation typically forces a compromise between hardware efficiency and cloud performance. For example, letting devices communicate in raw binary reduces power consumption but requires additional processing before data can be delivered to the cloud.

SORACOM Orbit lets developers translate data formats on the fly in both directions, from device to cloud and from cloud to device. This allows for independent optimization of device and cloud functions and makes it easy to mix device types, include third-party devices, and even apply new data formats to devices in production without firmware or software updates.

SORACOM Peek offers the ability to inspect IoT network behavior even when connected devices or servers don’t support packet capture. This service uses Soracom’s Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) feature to allow on-demand packet capture for all IP traffic passing through the VPG.

This simple, secure method lets developers troubleshoot devices, debug network architecture, diagnose unexpected data usage, and improve network security without setting up additional servers to mirror or otherwise inspect traffic.

Soracom has also released two new VPG options. VPG Type-E supersedes previous offerings, providing the same features at a significantly lower price. VPG Type-F adds new capability, including AWS Transit Gateway support. All Soracom VPGs now support local breakout, allowing customers to choose their VPG region for minimum latency and maximum round-trip data speed between devices and back-end systems.

“We created Soracom to help IoT developers succeed at every stage,” said Yasukawa.

“Removing architectural compromises is a big part of that, and so is improving data visibility. Making those capabilities available while reducing cost makes IoT smarter and more secure for everyone.”

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