IoTerop’s Remote Service Activation Solution Validated By Groupe PSA

IoTerop's Remote Service Activation Solution Validated By Groupe PSA

IoTerop’s IOWA and ALASKA have been validated by Groupe PSA for remotely activating new car software functionality, in an experimentation led in partnership with the Thales Group.

The tests prove solution viability and the ability to meet Groupe PSA’s security requirements for connected objects.

The solution leverages state-of-the-art security and device management practices as defined in the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) standard, used to manage millions of devices worldwide. Not only are remote operations supported, but end-to-end transactional security is enabled by using the CoAP and DTLS protocols prescribed in LwM2M.

“IoTerop demonstrated that LwM2M supports the creation of more compact and secure solutions for activating paid services remotely,” said Antoine Guittet, Embedded Engineer, High-Speed Internet, Groupe PSA. “For Groupe PSA, this means we can develop new driver-centric services such as real-time status alerts, leveraging Thales SIM cards for 24/7 cellular connectivity.”

“We support the LwM2M standard, which integrates perfectly into our Cinterion® cellular connectivity range of products currently available in our core markets,” said Joël Demarty, IoT Product Marketing Director, Thales Group. “These include security, smart meters, automotive, and smart objects in general.”

Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop CEO, said:

“IoTerop’s IOWA and ALASKA allow car manufacturers to provide high value-added services quickly. Soon we won’t need to take our cars to car dealers to run diagnostics or activate new capabilities.”

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