TouchSource and Cleared4Work Partner to Aid in Safe Reopening of the US Economy

TouchSource and Cleared4Work Partner to Aid in Safe Reopening of the US Economy

Temperature and symptoms screening solution allows organizations to clear employees for work, while protecting students, guests, customers and workplaces from unnecessary exposure.

As part of an ongoing commitment to aid in the safe reopening of the US economy, TouchSource and Cleared4Work have united to launch a post-pandemic solution for getting people back to work with a first-to-market comprehensive screening, monitoring, and health check platform.

The partnership combines the in-building temperature and wellness solution of the TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk integrated with the Cleared4Work mobile wellness platform to assure employee safety as they shift from home back to the office.

TouchSource’s Taos wellness kiosk offers temperature screening, touchless hand sanitizer and digital information displays as an all-in-one service. Clear4Work is integrated with the solution to ensure that employees pass a coronavirus health survey and onsite temperature screening before entering the workplace. Employers can safely and securely manage GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant information while assuring the public of the highest standards of safety. Together, these solutions reduce the risk of workplace shutdowns, and exposure of students, guests and customers to infected employees.

“Companies are struggling to open and stay open amidst constant change with the global pandemic,” said TouchSource CEO, Ajay Kapoor.

“We’re in the same boat as are our customers. That’s why we teamed up with our innovation partner Cleared4Work to provide real solutions for pandemic challenges.”

“This innovative solution helps keep employees safer while protecting the public—powered by easy-to-own, turnkey software and kiosks.”

“Adding the Taos wellness kiosk extends our platform, enabling clients to ensure that healthy employees and visitors can easily check-in, while seamlessly handling those with possible symptoms,” says Cleared4Work COO, Ashley Heather.

“This ‘check-in’ data is also used to automate contact trace reporting which is another unique feature of our platform.”

The solution is future proof in that screenings can be used for flu symptoms and other contagious illnesses for a safer workplace year-round. In addition, the platform is already integrated with health providers and testing labs for validation of vaccine and other immunity situations. The kiosk is a fully-featured digital information station that can shift from wellness screening to a full range of other content.

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