The New-Generation 5G CPE Brings a New Internet Experience

As everyone knows, when we use Wi-Fi, if there is a long distance or many walls between the user and the wireless router, the signal will be weak or lost. At such blind spots, your phone or iPad won’t receive the Wi-Fi signal. The traditional approach is to add a router to relay and enhance the signal, but there are still big limitations. However, CPE can solve the problem of signal relay well and expands the coverage of signal effectively.

The New-Generation 5G CPE Brings a New Internet Experience

As a wireless terminal access equipment, CPE can receive wireless signals from wireless routers, wireless APs, wireless base stations, etc. Moreover, it can convert 4G/5G signals into WiFi signals and supply them to multiple hardware devices for Internet access at the same time. Therefore, CPE can be widely used for wireless Internet access in rural areas, urban areas, hospitals, institutions, factories, communities and so on, saving the cost of laying the wired network and solving the problem of the last mile in networking.

SIMCom and Coolpad has jointly launched a 5G CPE based on SIMCom 5G module SIM8202G-M2, which brings a new Internet experience.

The new-generation 5G CPE has made big improvements in the following aspects.

  • Support for 5G networks: CPE does not need a network cable. A data package is enough. This means that wherever there is a 4G/5G signal, it can be connected to the 5G network for Internet access.
  • Stronger antenna gain: 5G CPE has stronger antenna gain and higher power. Its signal transmitting capability is more powerful than mobile phones. So, in some places where the phone cannot pick up a signal, it probably does.
  • Multidevice access: It can turn your carrier’s network signal into a Wi-Fi signal. Mobile phones, iPads and laptops can get Internet access with the help of CPE.
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