SIMCOM 5G module SIM8202G-M2 helps to achieve mobile cloud office

In 1979, Grid Compass 1109, the first laptop in history, was born. Since then, laptops have developed quickly, which greatly facilitate our life and work. But in the 4G era, laptops still face many challenges.

  • Laptops cannot connect to the Internet on their own: Laptops require Wi-Fi/ hot spots or a network cable for Internet access, and Internet speed is seriously affected by the signal, which is not convenient to surf the Internet outdoors.
  • It’s hard to combine ultrathin laptops with gaming laptops: Ultrathin laptops can satisfy people’s need to carry computers around for work, but their performance is compromised, which results in limited loading for large games.
  • Short battery life: Laptops consume a lot of power when working, so users need to carry their chargers at all times.

SIMCom SIM8202G-M2 for laptops

In the 5G era, thanks to the high reliability, low latency and high bandwidth of 5G, the shape and configuration of laptops will change a lot.

SIMCom has developed a SIM8202G-M2-based 5G solution for laptops, which will bring a new mobile cloud office experience

SIMCom SIM8202G-M2 is a super-small 5G module. The size is only 30mm*42mm. It adopts a new four-antenna design, which effectively improves the communication capacity, sends and receives data proactively, thereby maintaining high data speed and stability.

  • Faster Internet speed, real mobile cloud office: 5G laptops can connect to the Internet on their own, instead of relying on Wi-Fi/ hot spots, so people can work anywhere, enjoying real mobile cloud office.
  • Lighter and thinner: The low latency and high bandwidth brought by 5G technology can greatly promote the popularity of cloud office. Some functions of laptops will move to the cloud, further reducing the size of laptops and making them easier to carry around. Meanwhile, a lot of computing will be done in the cloud over 5G networks, so laptops will become thinner.
  • Longer battery life: Higher laptop efficiency will also extend the battery life, allowing you to work all day on with an uninterruptible power supply for real.
  • Lower latency and better user experience: The low latency of 5G means that the time needed for a laptop to communicate with another device over the network will be greatly reduced, improving the program response speed and game experience, particularly large games.

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