Wirepas announces game-changing connectivity system for smart tracking

Wirepas announces game-changing connectivity system for smart tracking

Wirepas, a software connectivity company bringing massive IoT to all enterprises, has launched Wirepas Massive Tracking, a new smart tracking software suite.

  • Virtually no infrastructure, no wires
  • Scalable network with no limit in size
  • A 100,000 m² facility installed in a single day by anyone
  • Zero disruption to site operations
  • An inventory of up to 5,000 devices with 100% accuracy in under a minute
  • Game changing vendor interoperability
  • Vastly improved user experience

Wirepas, a Finnish connectivity company on a mission to change enterprise IoT, today announced the release of Wirepas Massive Tracking. The new smart tracking software suite embeds Wirepas Massive – the company’s large-scale mesh connectivity software for massive IoT.

Deploying wired positioning infrastructure across large spaces like warehouses, construction sites, campuses or hospitals is costly and time consuming. Wirepas Massive Tracking solves exactly these issues. First since Wirepas Massive Tracking needs virtually no infrastructure, a smart tracking system in a 100,000 m² facility can be installed in a single day, without disrupting site operations. Then, Wirepas Massive Tracking’s Inventory Mode allows users to add an inventory of up to 5,000 devices with 100% accuracy in under a minute. And finally, the new suite introduces industry-leading interoperability between tag vendors. This enables true diversity in form factors and price points – previously unseen in smart tracking and sensing projects.

“System integrators and solution providers alike will find Wirepas Massive Tracking extremely easy to use. It includes ready-to-use tag software – which supports a large variety of tag vendors – as well as open-source gateway software and a positioning backend framework based on modern APIs. This significantly shortens time-to-market for system integrations and solution providers to develop and release new IoT solutions,” said Youssef Kamel, SVP, Head of Smart Tracking at Wirepas.

Wirepas Massive Tracking is tailor-made to suit diverse tracking use cases, including assets, goods and people. Its unique benefits will help companies in the logistics and warehousing, healthcare, construction and manufacturing sectors to streamline and future-proof their operations.

Wirepas Massive Tracking is already supported by many Wirepas partners, including Haltian, Treon, ELA Innovation, Tatwah, Good Way, Redlore, DMI and SolidRun, as well as system integrators such as Intranav, Mecomo, Omniscient, Orange and Apitrak. This ecosystem of locator, asset tag, gateway providers and system integrators is expected to grow significantly in the future, as more partners continue to come on-board.

Youssef Kamel, SVP, Head of Smart Tracking at Wirepas, added:

“This release significantly reduces the cost and complexity of large smart tracking projects. Building on the existing capabilities of Wirepas Massive, it significantly lowers the barrier for adoption ofmodern Smart Tracking technology. As such, it will be available to a much larger ecosystem of integrators globally.”

“I am delighted with the release of Wirepas Massive Tracking and look forward to many successful smart tracking engagements.”

To learn more about Wirepas, please visit: https://www.wirepas.com/

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