Paessler presents Paessler Building Monitor, an IoT monitoring solution for the sustainable management of buildings

Paessler presents Paessler Building Monitor, an IoT monitoring solution for the sustainable management of buildings

This fall, Paessler AG, a leading provider of monitoring software for complex IT and IoT infrastructure, will release a brand new solution for facility managers and building owners: the new software as a service (SaaS), “Paessler Building Monitor”, provides around-the-clock digital monitoring of building conditions.

The monitoring is based on building data that the system collects remotely via LPWAN technology. Wireless IoT sensors are installed locally in the buildings and provide the measurement data that is used to determine the conditions. This eliminates the need for analog, on-site data acquisition and time-consuming appointments. Paessler Building Monitor displays all the conditions in an intuitive dashboard and converts the data into valuable information for the user.

Paessler Building Monitor allows for the prompt detection and elimination of dangers such as gas leaks, fires, and mold, thereby significantly reducing costs and preventing losses in income. Moreover, continuous building monitoring makes it possible to identify potential cost savings and optimizations through improved energy consumption. With Paessler Building Monitor, Paessler AG has developed its very first IoT monitoring solution to accompany its extensive line of monitoring products..

Helmut Binder, CEO of Paessler AG:

“Paessler Building Monitor is a real milestone, not only for us but for everyone involved in building management, in particular the management of existing buildings. The software collects data continuously, making it possible to significantly minimize the consumption of resources and thereby reduce operating costs in the long term.”

Paessler Building Monitor facilitates compliance with government regulations such as the EED (EU Energy Efficiency Directive), and in some cases can even reduce insurance premiums and ultimately maintain or increase the value of buildings.

Paessler Building Monitor

Straightforward monitoring – no special skills required

Paessler Building Monitor is a remote monitoring solution that is easy to set up and use without any programming knowledge whatsoever. An intuitive wizard connects the IoT devices in the building to the monitoring software. Templates for relevant use cases allow users to immediately get started with their monitoring. The software also comes with an alarm feature that automatically notifies the building manager whenever a threshold value for a condition is exceeded. If necessary, monitoring data can also be exported for further processing.

Thanks to Paessler Building Monitor, resellers can offer a customized solution to building managers and allow customers to quickly get started with the digitization of their buildings. The software couldn’t come at a better time, as the building sector currently contributes (directly and indirectly) to one-third of all global CO2 emissions. With the industry increasingly subject to legal regulations, the owners and operators of existing buildings are now looking to digitization to help conserve resources.

Steven Feurer, CTO of Paessler AG: “Paessler Building Monitor is the result of our decades of monitoring experience and our commitment to actively support companies in their efforts to become more sustainable. We are therefore currently in search of potential partners who can help us achieve these sustainability goals and build a strong network for our new cloud-native platform.” – These partners not only include network providers, but also system integrators.

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