Kerlink & Sensgreen Deliver LoRaWAN® and Healthy-Building Solution To Middle East and Asian Markets

Kerlink & Sensgreen Deliver LoRaWAN® and Healthy-Building Solution To Middle East and Asian Markets

Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Sensgreen, an IoT company that focuses on indoor air-quality monitoring and smart-building solutions, today announced their partnership to help building owners ensure offices, schools, hotels, malls and other facilities have clean air in comfortable indoor settings.

Targeting the IoT’s smart-building sector, their offer combines Sensgreen’s SensNode air-quality sensor that monitors temperature, humidity, dew point, CO2, particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) and other key air-quality parameters with Kerlink’s Wirnet™ iFemtoCell and Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution indoor gateways and Wanesy™ Management Center in customized wireless LoRaWAN® networks.

Air-quality data collected by SensNode is transferred to the cloud via Kerlink gateways. This allows building operators and workplace managers to see the measurements and calculations of parameters on a dashboard developed by Sensgreen. Using real-time and historical data, they can then adjust their HVAC systems to maintain their desired air-quality conditions and ensure building energy-efficiency goals are met.

“Kerlink is a well-known company in the IoT and network-equipment market, and we see them as a strategic partner to reach our growth objectives and our mission,” said Tolga Candan, chief business officer of Sensgreen.

“Building owners who implement the Sensgreen and Kerlink LoRa® solution, whether in offices or public facilities, will be able to assure visitors of clean air, especially as countries reopen after pandemic-caused closures.”

“By monitoring key indoor air-quality parameters, owners can continuously monitor air quality and pinpoint the issues that need correcting and take targeted actions to make the air occupants are breathing safe.”

“Kerlink is committed to supporting Sensgreen’s goal of reaching its growth objectives and providing performant and robust solutions that will meet the air-quality requirements of its customers and markets,” said Yannick Delibie, president & CEO of Kerlink Inc.

“It has the ambition, vision and capability to be a major factor in the smart-building sector in the regions it serves across the Middle East and Asia, where Kerlink has a great deal of experience deploying industrial-grade LoRaWAN networks.”

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