Quectel receives ASPICE CL2 approval with leading automotive software R&D capability

Quectel receives ASPICE CL2 approval with leading automotive software R&D capability

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global supplier of IoT and automotive communication modules as well as antennas, has successfully gained the Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability Determination Containment Level 2 (ASPICE CL2) certificate on November 4.

The ASPICE CL2 approval recognizes that the company’s software development capability in the automotive industry is compliant with international standards and Quectel has achieved a globally advanced level.

The Automotive SPICE standard, jointly developed by major European automobile manufacturers, has been embraced by the global market with the aim of improving and evaluating the software development processes. This internationally recognized standard is also adopted by leading automotive brands as an entry threshold in supplier selection.

Quectel ASPICE certificateCurrently the automotive market is facing one of the biggest transformations in its history. Software is becoming progressively more important in realizing new features on intelligent vehicles, while the automotive manufacturers have an ever-growing demand for software quality management. Therefore, Quectel has been adjusting and optimizing its software development processes, technologies and tools according to the strict requirements of ASPICE, to make sure that it provides automotive customers with reliable software in a standard process and a sustainable way.

Min Wang, the General Manager of Automotive Business at Quectel, commented:

“We have been focusing on the connected vehicle industry for many years and have accumulated rich experiences in mass production projects. Passing the ASPICE assessment is another important milestone for us, as it not only strengthens our software development and management capability, but will provide strong support in developing superior and advanced automotive products.”

“What is more important is that the ASPICE CL2 approval will bring confidence to our globally renowned automotive partners in cooperating with Quectel and will definitely help us to further expand the global market.”

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