Cubic Telecom: World-Leading Connected Software Company Hits 10 Million Connected Devices Globally

Cubic Telecom: World-Leading Data Software Company Hits 10 Million Connected Devices Globally

World leading global connected software company Cubic Telecom attains a significant milestone, surpassing 10 million devices connected and managed in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Just two years ago, Cubic managed and connected 3 million devices and a year later hit 6 million. Only halfway into 2022 and the business has already reached its latest milestone of 10 million. As more automotive and device manufacturers begin to enable next-generation mobility service and features-on-demand. Cubic’s technologies provide the connectivity technologies and analytics they need to succeed.

Founder and CEO of Cubic Telecom Barry Napier said

“What’s really exciting about this landmark of 10 million devices is that we’ve doubled our numbers every year since 2020.”

“The services and technologies Cubic enables were on powerpoint presentations five years ago, now they’re catching up with our software to do genuinely amazing things, like localised content and streaming services, premium experiences for customers and features-on-demand. Reaching this latest landmark of 10 million signifies the sheer speed of our growth so far. Our reach extends far beyond the connection, into the granular, per-user/per-device billing, data analytics, services and near real-time alerting that enable next-generation mobility services. By combining leading-edge technologies with cloud components, we’re re-defining how automotive, agriculture, transport and IoT manufacturers manage, scale and analyse their connected devices and the data they generate”.

Cubic remains focused on solving the complex challenges presented by delivering true end-to-end connectivity, safely and securely anywhere on the planet, and for the full lifecycle of the device. As the scope of mobile technologies has changed, Cubic Telecom has expanded its mission: solving end-to-end content delivery, helping some of the world’s most innovative companies deliver on their vision for the services and functionality they want their customers to enjoy.  

In addition to widespread adoption across leading organisations including Audi, Bentley, John Deere and Volkswagen, Cubic’s connectivity technologies enable Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services, further enhancing the Snapdragon Digital Chassis cloud-connected vehicle platforms.

In January 2021, Cubic won the “IoT Analytics Innovation Award” at the IoT Breakthrough Awards, in recognition of the company’s expanded product portfolio and expertise in analysing connected vehicle data as manufacturers strive to optimize driver experience. In 2022, Cubic Telecom was recognised as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services.

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