Hyundai Signs Agreement with Vodafone To Develop Telematics

Hyundai Motor Group signed an agreement with Vodafone Global Enterprise, the business within Vodafone which manages the communications needs of its largest multinational customers, to explore business opportunities in telematics services in Europe.

The initial agreement, which was signed today, is expected to boost Hyundai’s competitiveness in vehicle IT systems and reach out to a wider customer base in Europe.

Under the agreement, Hyundai will focus on creating new business opportunities based on automotive IT systems and Vodafone’s existing communications network in Europe. As well as collaborating on the development of new telematics services, Hyundai will develop new automotive IT solutions by using the telematics infrastructure to build a new customer-oriented telematics business models.

“Through collaboration with the world-renowned mobile communications operator Vodafone, the Hyundai Motor Group looks forward to providing advanced automotive IT services to its European customers as part of its ongoing commitment to become increasingly competitive in this market,” said Hyundai Motor Vice-Chairman Lee Hyun-Soon.

“Vodafone’s high-performance mobile networks and simple solutions for managing wireless connectivity on a global basis, mean we are ideally placed to help the Hyundai Motor Group develop a whole range of new services,” said Nick Jeffery, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Global Enterprise. “This collaboration is set to deliver an even better driving experience for drivers across Europe.”

Hyundai introduced the BlueLink® telematics system at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, presenting its advanced vehicle information technology systems to the world.

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