Numerex announces FASTrack Fleet, a new complete solution for fleet and mobile asset management

New Numerex DNA® solution gives fleet management providers the ability to configure functionality and manage different customer needs from one application platform.

Numerex Corp, a leading single source provider of secure machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, announced today the launch of FASTrack Fleet™, Numerex’s new complete solution for fleet and mobile asset management.

FASTrack Fleet integrates a configurable web-based application with a variety of monitoring devices that can connect via satellite or cellular.  The power to aggregate, analyze, and take action on data collected from a wide variety of vehicles and assets in one integrated application console is a much-needed tool for managing increasingly complex fleet and logistics operations.

Beyond standard vehicle tracking and telemetry features, FASTrack Fleet also includes a sophisticated business rules platform designed to help enterprises manage their mobile assets most effectively and efficiently. This platform is configurable to produce both exception reports such as geofencing or speed violation reports as well as summary reports of aggregated vehicle data such as idle time reporting.  Another major benefit for fleet owners is a more intuitive web-based administration console, allowing the configuration of various rules and user privileges including blocking users from certain application modes or functions.

Numerex continues to develop feature enhancements for FASTrack Fleet that will enable VARs to further differentiate and provide their customers with a uniquely configurable solution. One of the first enhancements for the U.S. version will be an ignition-disable function which allows the system administrator to remotely disable a vehicle’s starter.  This prevents the engine from re-starting once the vehicle is parked and turned off until the ignition is re-enabled in the application. Other enhancements include adding the recently launched satellite-based asset tracker – Numerex Satellite FLEX™, which supports wireless sensor data in addition to location information – to the list of compatible devices, creating an environment where both cellular and satellite-based asset management data can be managed in one application.

After thoroughly researching our customers’ needs and the evolution of the market, we have developed a game-changing solution for the industry,” said Darren Koenig, Vice President of Marketing and Products at Numerex.

Centralizing the management of complex data from a variety of devices while simplifying the administration of different user roles enables FASTrack Fleet to drive an immediate return on investment for our customers.

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