Primex Wireless Partners with SECOM Australia

Under the agreement, Primex will provide advanced wireless facility monitoring solutions for enterprise organizations across Australia.

Primex Wireless, the leading provider of wireless facility monitoring technology, today announced that it had signed an agreement with SECOM Australia Pty Ltd. to sell Primex Wireless solutions in Australia.

SECOM Australia is a division of SECOM Co., Ltd. (9735: JP), Japan’s largest security company, which provides security services across Australia, Southeast Asia and the People’s Republic of China.

For more than 50 years, SECOM has provided innovative security services and products across the Pacific Rim,” said Steven Lund, President of Primex Wireless.

We are proud to be partnering with them to help facility managers in healthcare, education, manufacturing and government enterprise organizations improve their monitoring and time synchronization capabilities.

SECOM Australia will be selling Primex Wireless’ Synchronous Network System (SNSTM), a single platform with Web-based software that gives facility managers unprecedented capabilities for time synchronization, wireless sensor monitoring, automatic email alerting, and accurate event logging. SNS is one of the first wireless platforms on the market that helps facility managers improve efficiency in clock synchronization, school bell systems, and environmental sensor monitoring by using their existing Wi-Fi networks.

The Primex Wireless facility monitoring platform enables organizations to ensure their clocks are always accurate across the enterprise and that temperatures and humidity levels remain within required ranges. The Web-based platform automates, monitors, guides and documents activities performed by facility managers over existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, and all within 300 milliseconds of the accurate time —even after a power outage.

Organizations in Australia are looking to enhance their monitoring capabilities to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance,” said Sam Rahim, CEO, of SECOM Australia.

SECOM is looking forward to working with Primex Wireless to help facility managers in Australia stay ahead of risks and more quickly respond to problems.

Instead of manually collecting information and analyzing key performance indicators, enterprise organizations using Primex Wireless’ Synchronous Network System have data automatically sent from the wireless device and archived in a safe, centralized server. The information is easily accessed from the Primex Wireless console, allowing facility managers to take immediate action if sensors are out of range. Standard and custom reports can also be quickly generated, enabling organizations to fulfill regulatory compliance requirements.

By securely transporting data over existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, Primex Wireless doesn’t require additional hardware, maximizing the benefits of an organization’s existing IT infrastructure and reducing the need for any additional IT capital expenditures. All data is consolidated in a centralized depository so staff in various locations can access the same information from any Internet-connected PC, laptop or mobile device.

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