Wind River Introduces Software Platform for ‘Internet of Things’

Wind River Introduces Software Platform for ‘Internet of Things’

Wind River®, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, today introduced Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, a complete software development environment built exclusively for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The platform addresses the security, connectivity, and manageability required for M2M device development.


  • Wind River Intelligent Device Platform is a complete software development environment for M2M applications, based on Wind River’s industry-leading embedded Linux operating system and middleware.
  • This latest offering adds the security, connectivity, and manageability required for machine-to-machine device development, and is compatible with the new Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework.
  • The platform builds on the company’s existing M2M technologies included in its Wind River Embedded Development Kit for M2M Smart Services.

By 2015, intelligent systems will account for more than one-third of the volume of all embedded systems worldwide, according to IDC*. From remote health monitoring systems transmitting data to a doctor’s computer, to smart meters transmitting data on utility usage, to real-time traffic data communicated to a vehicle’s GPS, the spectrum of ways in which intelligence from remote machines can and will be used is vast. With these possibilities come opportunities for companies to use this data to become more efficient, cut operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and create new revenue streams.

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform is designed to enable M2M development by providing proven software and expertise to fuel rapid innovation and deployment of secure and reliable intelligent devices. It provides pre-integrated off-the-shelf components that can significantly reduce a manufacturer’s development time.

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform is based on Wind River Linux, the company’s industry-leading commercial embedded Linux operating system, which is standards-compliant and fully tested. It contains security features designed for M2M development, smart and connected capabilities that enable rich network options, and validated and flexible device management software. The core of the platform is a layer that contains configuration and build information for integrating other M2M components to generate an optimized, functional run-time image.

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform features the following:

  • Wind River Linux operating system
  • Validated and supported middleware stack, including virtual machine, OMA DM, OSGi, TR-069, and home automation
  • Wide range of connectivity options, including 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Z-Wave across PAN, LAN and WAN networks
  • Secure Remote Management, featuring customizable trusted boot, grsecurity for resource control, TPM secure key migration and integrity measurement
  • Wind River development tools including Wind River Workbench, based on the Eclipse framework, and Wind River build system for software integration
  • Web-based configuration management for device provision, setup, and management
  • Supported hardware, including Intel® Atom on a Kontron board
  • Compatibility with the newly introduced Intel Intelligent Systems Framework, a set of interoperable solutions designed to address connecting, managing, and securing devices

Santhosh Nair, general manager of intelligent systems group at Wind River said:

“With the skyrocketing growth of smart connected devices, an interconnected world is becoming a reality. Applications based on systems behavior have become pervasive, and this is the crux of M2M technology.”

Connectivity, security, optimization, and adherence to industry standards are required in order to successfully develop smart connected devices and services, and this is precisely the value that Wind River brings to the table. This platform maximizes the value of M2M technology by building on an integrated foundation of software, middleware, and board support packages with cutting edge tools and development environments.

Having a robust M2M solution which includes field-proven software, end-to-end wireless hardware, and device cloud-connected services and applications is key to making the most of the significant market opportunity that exists. As a Wind River M2M partner, Digi is excited to see Wind River further expand its capabilities in this space,” said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Digi International.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Wind River to address the unique needs of the M2M marketplace, which we believe is poised for solid growth.

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform builds on the company’s existing M2M technologies included in its Embedded Development Kit for M2M Smart Services, a plug-and-play hardware and operating system/middleware platform that is truly “application ready.” To complement its M2M capabilities, Wind River has a strategic set of M2M partners that includes independent software vendors, value-added resellers, board vendors, and distributors.

*Worldwide Intelligent Systems 2011–2015 Forecast: The Next Big Opportunity, September 2011

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