Who Let the Dogs Out? Company Provides Product to Keep Spot Safe

SpotLite 2.0 from Securus Gives Pet Owners Affordable, Real-Time Pet Tracking Technology

SpotLite 2.0 from Securus Gives Pet Owners Affordable, Real-Time Pet Tracking Technology.

A recent study found that approximately 15% of pet owners reported a lost or stolen animal over a five-year period. Pets can go missing in a variety of ways. Sometimes their owners forget to close a gate. A dog may dig under a fence or break through a screen to chase a squirrel. And because pets are beloved family members, their guardians want to recover them as quickly as possible. Securus, Inc., maker of a groundbreaking line of personal and enterprise mobile safety and security products, provides a lightweight, waterproof, real-time pet locator that can help pet lovers quickly find and recover a lost dog: the SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Tracker.

“As pet owners, we love our dogs and try to keep them safe at all times, but despite our best efforts, sometimes a pet escapes or goes missing,” notes Christopher D. Newton, Securus, Inc. President and CEO.

“That’s why Securus created SpotLite 2.0 and partnered with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) service – so we can reunite pets with their families as quickly and safely as possible.”

“We’re happy to partner with Securus to assist owners with recovering their lost pets,” says Tom Sharp, CEO of AKC CAR.
“Over the years, AKC CAR has helped thousands of families reunite with their pets, and our 24/7 recovery support combined with Securus technology gives pet lovers the added peace of mind of knowing help is only a phone call or click away.”

Using the latest GPS tracking technology, SpotLite 2.0 gives pet owners a way to locate and track lost animals 24/7 via a cellphone, smartphone or computer. The durable SpotLite 2.0 unit easily clips onto a pet’s collar with the included durable pouch and transmits turn-by-turn directions when needed to help owners locate and recover pets. Pet owners can even set up designated SafeSpots (such as the home and yard) and receive an alert via text and/or email when a pet leaves the area as well as continuous location updates until the animal is found.

Each SpotLite 2.0 unit comes with lifetime membership in AKC CAR, which provides recovery support by phone anytime, anywhere. AKC CAR experts can provide directions and support to help SpotLite 2.0 users find their lost animal. The rechargeable SpotLite 2.0 unit also features a rescue button that allows anyone who finds a lost dog wearing the device on its collar to send an emergency message with the dog’s location to the owner at the touch of a button.

When a pet goes missing, pet guardians need a fast, easy way to locate and recover their beloved companion animal, and SpotLite 2.0 can provide an ideal solution. To learn more about how SpotLite 2.0 gives pet lovers greater peace of mind, please visit www.securusgps.com.

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