SkyWave Partners with SpaceTeam To Provide Fleet Management Communications in Russia’s Most Remote Regions

SkyWave Partners with SpaceTeam To Provide Fleet Management Communications in Russia's Most Remote Regions

SkyWave satellite terminals with integrated GLONASS a natural fit for Russian market.

Fleet Management Systems(FMS) optimize the management of a company’s mobile resources. While savings in lower fuel costs, fewer vehicle miles driven, and reduced worker overtime are obvious benefits, even more value comes from reduced insurance premiums due to fewer accidents and improved driver behavior.

In areas with insufficient GSM coverage, vehicle connectivity is compromised. SpaceTeam Holding, a leading provider of satellite navigation and telematics-based transport automation solutions, worked with its partner, SkyWave Mobile Communications, to deploy a solution that incorporates SkyWave IDP satellite terminals to ensure customers are always connected with their vehicles.

“Navigation technologies are relevant for many commercial industries, including oil & gas, mining and forestry management,” says Svetlana Khadonova, Marketing Director at SpaceTeam.

“SkyWave terminals include an integral GLONASS receiver, which allows the terminal to send position reports as well as the typical forms and text messages. For us, SkyWave technology meets the increasing demand for richer information in remote applications without the added costs associated with continuous connectivity, regardless of vehicle location.”

In addition to maximum stability, SpaceTeam’s innovative solution uses an optimization algorithm that automatically switches to IsatData Pro (IDP) satellite service if the GSM signal is lost over a period of time. This provides seamless communications at the lowest cost without sacrificing coverage. The result is better data for managing business processes and peripheral equipment — including alarm buttons, fuel level sensors, ultrasonic sensors and inductive sensors — and guarantees passenger safety in inclement weather conditions.

Among the first to benefit from this technology is the Regional State Office of Civil Defense, Fire and Emergency of Tomsk. The Tomsk region has incorporated the solution into its fleet of vehicles.

“SkyWave terminals integrated with GLONASS and IsatData Pro open a wide range of satellite monitoring and FMS applications for commercial enterprises conducting business in the polar circle and Eastern Siberia,” adds Sue Rutherford, Director of Marketing for SkyWave.

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